Lisa Whynott believes in paying it forward. 

This past year brought many challenges for Whynott. She worked hard to keep her business afloat in a pandemic, while taking care of her husband and father both suffering with health issues. 

“If you give good karma, you get good karma back,” says Whynott. 

“There’s been times when I’ve been on my knees these past 12 months. You have to keep a positive mental attitude and have good people around you to get through.”

As the owner of Everlasting Impressions, Whynott helps engaged couples plan their dream wedding. When the pandemic started, she partnered with other vendors in the wedding industry to create The Wedding Experts. The idea was to give free advice to couples in COVID. 

“How to postpone a wedding, how to do micro-weddings or any type of advice.… Just to try and navigate the difficult times and give them support,” says Whynott. 

She also donates wedding decor to couples in need through a ‘pay it forward’ campaign. 

Nominator and friend Leslie Durand says Whynott is a role model for those in the wedding industry.

“She is one of the strongest and most loving people I have ever known,” says Durand.