Lisa Ammirati has spent 25 years sharing her love for music with thousands of students of all levels.

“When it comes to music, my mentoring philosophy is that there is no wrong way of learning. There are just different ways. It’s about supporting my students and exploring our shared love for music with a sense of honesty and optimism,” says Ammirati, who founded Airdrie-based Skyline Music 16 years ago.

Ammirati is also a member of the Airdrie Community Choir, helping the organization with social media, and also collects and drops off food/donations for the MEOW foundation.

Nominator Mariah Atkinson says Ammirati helped guide her through learning the piano to becoming a teacher at Skyline Music.

“As a mentor, Lisa always helps me grow as a piano teacher,” Atkinson says.  “She provides encouragement and support when I need it and gives me the tools that I need to succeed. She is always willing to help guide me in a positive way.”

Ammirati still chats with students she taught 25 years ago.

“Over the years we’ve gone through so many ups and downs,” she says. “But we always had music to keep us connected along with the amazing memories of our time together.”