Liane Pinel has been there, done that, and can make the t-shirt.

As founder of The Spirit Within, she describes her job as helping ignite sparks in people ready to heal their trauma and take those tools to help others.

“We are a people-helping-people company,” says Pinel.

“I always say my job is to tick you off because if I tick you off that means I have touched something in your life that you haven’t healed yet. Let’s find it, dig it out, and fix it and use it.”

Over her 40 years as a life coach and spiritual guide, Pinel estimates she has mentored thousands of people. She has been nominated for the Amazing Mentor category an incredible seven times by those she has coached.

Nominator Launa Hobson says Pinel is one of the most incredible mentors and friends she’s ever known.

“She’s there to help you if you’re willing to do the work and she’s also there to kick you in the butt when you need it. I’m grateful for her tenacity and her entrepreneurial spirit and grateful she is in my life,” Hobson says.

“From teenagers to persons in their 80s, she provides a safe, caring, positive space,” says nominator Julie Marlatt.