Kristen Wynne decided to open her heart when she met a man struggling with PTSD.

As a former police officer, Trevor P. says Wynne was able to help push him to become a better person and leave behind some of his past traumas.

“I have pushed myself, done things I have never done before, and wouldn’t have done, had it not been for her huge heart bursting with love and support,” says Trevor, who also nominated Wynne.

The pair met in spring 2022 and discovered they both lived in Airdrie and were neighbours for years. After their first date, Wynne decided she would do her best to get him out of his shell.

“It was to the point where he wasn’t leaving the house because of anxiety and the struggles he has had with his mental health,” says Wynne.

“Over the last year we have been on so many adventures across Alberta. He really sees it as his quality of life has improved significantly having me in his life, but I see it the same way having him in my life.”

Wynne adds navigating a partner with PTSD has actually made her better at communicating and handling emotional intelligence. The two are looking forward to another year of adventures as they start their new life together.