BerylAnne Hodgins has been inspiring hope and creativity in others, as the owner of Where Memories Are Made, for the past 16 years.

“The creative process is not just about the end result; it’s about the ability to explore options, have fun, discover things about yourself, learn by doing and, sometimes, it’s about failing without judgment,” she says.

“It’s a process where possibilities abound, and people are pleasantly surprised at their ability to make something out of nothing; therefore, building confidence to try even more.”

Hodgins’ art studio offers classes in calligraphy, mixed media, altered art and resin artwork. She says her classes teach ‘possibilities.’

“I give people the tools and the freedom to try something different and discover what the outcomes of those decisions are,” she says.

She adds that her goal is to encourage people to stretch their boundaries, own their ideas and to be proud of what they have accomplished.

“BerylAnne is truly committed to making the spirit of your memories remembered in each delicately crafted piece of art,” says Rebekah Azevedo, who nominated Hodgins for the award.

“Her own creations exhibit her love of colours, her patience, and her eye for understated beauty in small things.”