Kirstin Barchard believes everyone should have access to fresh food.

It’s what motivated her to start her own indoor microgreens farm to better serve Airdrie’s need for fresh, highly nutritious food.

“Food is so expensive nowadays, and my heart just goes out to people struggling to afford fruits and vegetables,” says Barchard, who started Micro Acres in 2018.

“We just have the resources to help people. We have been able to help and donate greens to families going through cancer treatments or families who aren’t financially in a spot to be able to buy nutritious food for their family. I am always seeking out opportunities in our community to see where I can step in.”

Barchard created One Green Away to help others in need of access to nutritious food. She also donates greens weekly to the Airdrie Pregnancy Care Centre to help mothers and children get vital vitamins and nutrients.

“Kirstin has, over the past six years running Micro Acres, sought out ways to help families and lives in the Airdrie community,” says nominator and husband, David Barchard.

“Kirstin has a heart for those who can’t always help themselves and wants to be the change in our community and the world we all need.”