Katherine Labreche wants a hand in solving some of the world’s biggest problems.  

The Grade 12 St. Martin de Porres student says she wants to make an impact on the world we live on.

“I am looking at the world and thinking ‘How can I make this better?’ or ‘What problems need to be figured out?’” says Labreche.  

“From there it’s deciding what’s the best course of action.”

In 2021, Labreche was accepted into a summer research program at the University of Alberta. While there, she worked in land reclamation returning disturbed land back to a functioning ecosystem.

That experience inspired her to pursue a future in STEM. She’s applied to various post-secondary institutions for engineering, eventually hoping to complete a PhD or master’s program.

Nominator Michaela Hashiguchi is the principal at St. Martin de Porres. She says Katherine is a student that has worked hard and is always first to help.

“She is polite, respectful and is always reflecting on what areas she could improve on. Katherine is willing to help out in any capacity and does it with a smile on her face.”