I’ve been a student of the creative process my whole life; happy to “try, create, learn, repeat” for countless hours. I’m grateful to continue to do that today, in paint.

Since I was little I’ve been drawn to, and loved to draw, animals of any and all sizes. As a curious, shy kid, the appeal was twofold. Animals were different in infinitely magical ways. Even more so, and especially with horses and dogs, there was something pure about earning the trust of an animal that pulled me in. I’m still hooked.

Emotions are a big inspiration of my work. I find the purity of animals a powerful vehicle to express them, which is why animals tend to be the subject of what I paint. I aim to capture those emotions in the pieces, and even better if they bring out “the feels” for you too.

I work with acrylic on canvas, pencil, and play with gouache and charcoal occasionally too. You’d find commissioned pieces of my work living their best lives with wonderful collectors in Alberta, BC, and as far away as Newfoundland and even England. How fascinating art is, to think that by combining a simple piece of cloth with a bunch of shapes, colors and brushstrokes, it could create joy for someone I have never met, 7000 km away.