Heather Harke says empowering women is one of the backbones of Shoplift Deals LTD.

“I want to make sure women feel like they are supported in their lives when they work here, and that work is secondary, but that it is a fun and rewarding environment as well.”

Part of this is allowing staff to have flexible schedules to help improve the quality of their lives, such as mental health days, time off for caring for sick children or themselves, doctor appointments, focusing on school work, extracurricular activities, and other obligations.

“Creating a community where women can support one another, make our community better, talk about life experiences, and, of course, shop, has always been a focus for us,” says Harke who started Shoplift Deals eight years ago.

Nominator Amy Katlan works at Shoplift Deals and says she’s never met any business owner who cares as much about individuals’ overall well-being.

“At the forefront of everything at Shoplift, you will find Inclusivity, community, connection, advocacy for marginalized groups of people and a whole lot of love,” Katlan says.

In the community, Heather also supports local Indigenous Artists, volunteers as the Media Member for the Airdrie 1st Club, supports Airdrie Pride, is the President of the King’s Heights Home Owner’s Association, and contributes to fundraising and other volunteer work.