Dawnie McElligott had a feeling it was going to be her.

One of her longtime personal friends and massage clients came into At Dawn Wellness Centre, founded by McElligott, saying she needed a new liver.

“I started my testing, and I was the one that followed through to the end — literally,” McElligott says.

On April 4th, 2022, Cindy Harris received a portion of McElligott’s liver.

“Dawnie started testing for me and never told me,” says Harris, who also nominated McElligott.

“What an amazing, wonderful gift. She has an amazing heart. She saved my life and gave me my life back.”

McElligott was also nominated by her friend Tricia Andres McDonald. She says McElligott has always given back to the community.

Through her business, McElligott has donated gift certificates and products to fundraisers in Airdrie, and all her employees must provide three free services per year to clients in need.

She’s now working on getting the word out about signing-up for the donation registry.

“It’s my dream that people get that little heart on their licenses. Because when I saw Cindy’s skin tone go back to normal, and saw her energy and zest for life, it made my heart full,” says McElligott.