Amy Katlan Kapcsos wants to give everyone the confidence to love their bodies and live authentically.

The Body Love Evolution – an online group that branched from her work in boudoir photography – was created as a place to share that work, and cultivate a community that shares vulnerably, supports each other and learns to evolve indefinitely.

The Facebook group now has more than 1,700 followers since it launched in 2021.

“Mentorship goes hand-in-hand with my philosophy of empowerment. Empowerment isn’t a gift you can give someone – it’s more like a door you choose to walk through. Unless you are willing to walk through that door, you can’t really feel the full effects of empowerment,” Katlan Kapcsos says.

“You have to want to make the change, to first accept yourself and then to love yourself, and sometimes walking through that door is scary, but I feel like just having a hand to hold can be really important because that fellowship without expectation is sorely lacking in

our society.”

Nominator Heather O’Bery says Kapcsos drives an incredible message of empowerment and empathy wherever she goes.

“Amy mentors so many women to be their best selves and see beauty in lifting each other up unapologetically. She has literally touched thousands of lives and changed them for the better.”