Amanda van der Linden believes giving time to local organizations will help children grow into the best versions of themselves.

Otherwise, those programs won’t exist.

“My children wouldn’t learn important social skills if not for some of the organizations that exist in our community,” she says. 

“I want to help support those as best as I can, not just for my girls but other children as well.”

Van Der Linden is an active volunteer with the Girl Guides of Canada. She helps with the local Brownie unit, and assists with events for the organization. She also volunteers and sits on the board of Fuzzy Pickles Preschool.

Perhaps one of her most rewarding jobs, though, is taking care of her aunt with special needs. 

“I see the smiles on my girls’ faces, and my aunt’s, when they are participating in certain activities. That’s what brings me joy in life.”

Nominator Denise Cruz says Van Der Linden is one of the most exceptional women she knows.

“She does all of these things tirelessly, with caring, love and much cost to her own time,” says Cruz. 

“I feel lucky to know and work alongside her.”