Addyson Lescard is not one to throw in the towel.

For more than two years, Lescard has been training and fighting as a competitive boxer.

Her goal? To go to the Olympics — or become a criminal psychologist if that doesn’t work out.

“I love boxing because you can make new friends and because it shows you things like determination, respect and hard work,” says Lescard.

“Boxing is not just a physical sport; it is a very mental sport because you have to be able to push yourself hard. You also have to be able to mentally prepare yourself. Even if you lose, it is okay and you just need to learn from your mistakes.”

The 16-year-old Grade 11 student at Bert Church High School assists in coaching young kids up to adults in the Knuckleheads and beginners’ classes. She also enjoys getting the chance to help them learn skills in boxing and gain confidence if they are struggling or being bullied.

Nominator Aubrey Collingwood says Lescard is one in a million.

“She has so many incredible qualities that make her who she is, but the promise that she brings to this city is beyond inspiring,” says Collingwood. “This girl is a mentor, role model, athlete and all-around amazing human.”