22 AWESOME KIDS of 2023

Story by Jim Zang


Photos by Kristy Reimer

Winter 2022/23

As the new Editor of airdrielife, this was my first Awesome Airdrie Kids experience – and what an awesome experience it was!

It’s not every day you get to meet future astronauts, robotics engineers, ballerinas, actors and country music stars. But I did, October 12 at our Awesome Airdrie Kids photo shoot at Kristy Reimer Photography.

As much as I enjoyed meeting all the kids, ranging in age from seven to 13, it was pure joy to read their nomination submissions. Truly, these are awesome kids, each for their own unique reasons. As a parent, I know how it feels when someone says something nice about your child. To be nominated for something like this … I think the parents I met were at least as excited as the kids.

My favourite part of the Awesome Airdrie Kids program is reading the kids’ replies to the questions I send them. These are in the kids’ own words and there are some really inspiring and well-thought-out responses. Of course, we’re planning a family-friendly celebration for the kids early in the New Year.

Thank you to our sponsors Pureform Kids, Volunteer Airdrie and Graphnix, for helping us make it all happen for these very deserving and truly Awesome Airdrie Kids. As is our custom, each child gets to choose a charity to have $50 donated in their name as part of the Vitreous Glass Pay-It-Forward program


Read more about all 22 Awesome Airdrie Kids below.




I’ve been an educator for nearly 20 years, and I’ve rarely had the pleasure of encountering an individual like Abigail. She embodies a rare mixture of qualities and characteristics that allow her to excel academically while inspiring her peers via leadership, support, and empathy. Academically speaking, Abigail is an exemplary student. She pours her heart into her work and is dedicated to achieving her potential in every regard.

Abigail is caring and compassionate. She is always concerned about others and takes a genuine interest in nurturing relationships. She is also conscientious with a good sense of humour. She is a vital member of the leadership program here at the school and helps to plan leadership events. In addition, she helped organize the Christmas food drive and played an important role in the school’s drama production and local Pride Parade.

Taken collectively, Abigail epitomizes the qualities of an awesome Airdrie kid. She is kind, determined, dedicated, and above all, she cares about her community.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

Something not many people know about me is that I have Metis heritage. When I was around eight or nine, I would go out to Control with my grandpa, we would collect arrow heads, scrapers, and spear heads as well as lots of other minerals, out on the prairie.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

I have lots of amazing people surrounding me everyday, but two that I would have to pick would be my sisters, Caitlyn and Elizabeth. We don’t always get along, but we also have a lot of fun when everyone’s in the mood. We watch a lot of movies together, and like going for walks to the corner store near our house and around the canals, and we go camping a lot in the summer. I would have to pick them because I might be having the worst day ever and Elizabeth will come give me a hug and Caitlyn makes the best jokes that always brighten the mood. They are always there for me and I don’t know where I would be without them. They are the people that make me want to be a better person and give me the drive to help others.

What do you think are some qualities of a good leader?

I would say some qualities of a good leader would be to be able to give everyone’s opinion on a subject a chance. I also think being open to compromising with people is important. Overall being able to communicate with people, whatever that may look like for you, is very important.

What are some things that make a good person?

Some things that make a good person to me is being open-minded, sympathetic, and compassionate. Being open-minded to new ideas is very important because people will always be changing, and being able to change with them will let you be more calm and feel more at ease. Being sympathetic as a person is important because not everyone is alright, and you don’t get everyone’s lives written out for you to see when you meet them, you may have meet them at the worst point in their life, you have to consider how you may have acted if you had lived though whatever they may have lived though or may be living though. I also think being compassionate is important because if you were having a really hard day, and you started to talk to someone and they didn’t even try to be nice to you, how would you feel? My mom always says the quote “You get more bees with honey”, which really is very true. If you give everyone a small smile, you will probably get a couple smiles back.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

This question is a weird one, because I know that when I’m older and I have a job, I’ll look back at this article and the at the job I put down and go something along the lines of: “Why did I put that in there?” I’ll probably laugh at myself a bit too, because of how much my answer will change. So, honestly, I have no idea. I don’t know what I want to be. I want to try a cool job out, then try again. I want to have a bunch of careers! And make stories out of memories from them. I want my careers to be fun and exciting, or challenging and engaging. I want to do what I want to do when I feel like I’m getting bored from the job I’d have currently. I want to be a bunch of things so I know I tried them all out for when I’m old and grey and look back at my life and know I wouldn’t change a thing.




Anna is an incredible artist, and community member. She spends much of her time supporting the Knuckle Heads Kids boxing program teaching other kids how to box and helps keep the gym a safe and supportive place. When she’s not at the gym, she’s helping write and act in a children’s television show on Telus Optik TV. With incredibly positive feedback from the producers, it’s awesome to see her amazing personality and hard work pay off. Anna wants to represent her community, and she works so hard to make content and programs for the other kids in Airdrie. When asked if she wanted to volunteer for AirdrieFest, she was so excited to be part of it and help out. She works tirelessly and is an amazing leader at school and in her community.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

I would pick the career of acting because I feel like it brings out new sides of me and new experiences and I get to feel and be different people and meet new people through acting and directing. Also, it is something I really enjoy. I’ve started acting with my uncle on a TV show called The Film Labs and I’ve done a lot of short films with him too!

Who is awesome in your life and why?

My favourite person is my uncle Mitch, because he introduced acting to me and I probably would’ve never thought of doing it or getting into it without him. Now he’s a big part of my life.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I am an actor and I’ve started picking up acting with my uncle and the TV show is called The Film Labs.  I’ve done a lot of short films with him too!

What would you tell someone who’s thinking of taking up boxing?

It’s a great hobby to do and it’s great for fitness, but some parts like footwork and hand-eye coordination might be hard to master so don’t give up and believe in yourself.

What are some things that make a good person?

Things that would make a great person would be someone who has altruism; someone who is grateful, who is kind is positive, caring and thoughtful.




Ashlyn is a lovely young lady who started a pet walking/sitting business a few years ago. We have had Ashlyn walk our two small dogs for the last few years throughout the year and during the summer. She has become like part of our family. She not only cares about our two dogs but our two small daughters too. Ashlyn has always been punctual, responsible, very kind and hard working! She exemplifies what it means to be an awesome kid in the community. She takes pride in her business and it’s so inspiring to see in a young person. Our entire family loves Ashlyn and she is most deserving of this award!

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I volunteer at Cobbs Adventure Park, which is an animal rescue park that has kangaroos, wallabies, emus, alpacas, and lots more! When I volunteer, I usually work with the kangaroos and wallabies, doing cleaning and answering questions from visitors.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

An awesome person in my life is one of my best friends Roz. She does dog walking with me and she is always there to help me and is really kind. She is definitely awesome!

What advice would you give someone thinking of buying a dog?

Do all of your research first of the breed you want so you know how to take care of it.

What are some things that make a good person?

Being kind, honest, and responsible.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

I have dreamed of owning a farm because I love animals so much.




Little miss Ava has been through a lot in her seven years of life. At the age of two, her parents separated and six months later her mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. She has seen her mom go through more than a child should, but she hasn’t let that get her down. She continues to thank God everyday and always put Him in the centre of her life. Anywhere she goes, Ava makes a new friend and I always hear her ask “Do you believe in Jesus?”

She truly is a little angel and she has helped her mother grow and heal in more ways than I can explain. She is such a social butterfly, always wants to give to strangers and friends and always seems to have kids and grown ups flock towards her bright energy. She won the kindness award at dance class last year because she is always giving and making sure others feels safe and that they have a friend.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

God, because he created this world and Mommy because she is my favourite.

What do you like about dancing?

I like to perform on stage and wear the dresses.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I like koalas, I like to play with my friends, and I like to make people happy.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

Design dream houses and design clothing.




Ayson is a kind-hearted and compassionate person. He is always helping out in the classroom and helps his friends and peers when needed. He goes out of his way to make sure he is including others. We had a new student join our class in May of 2022 and they were not only new to our school but new to Canada and spoke little English. Ayson showed the student around and included that student in everything. He made sure to play with them, include them in his play with others, and include them in partner and group activities both in and out of the classroom. Ayson communicated with the student as best he could and made sure the student was welcomed and felt included. Ayson is a pretty awesome kid!

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

Not many people know that I play guitar and play soccer. These are my favourite things to do. I really love my family and my dog. I have a little sister that I really love playing with. Because of her, I decided to be a grade 4 SUPERvisor at my school.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

The most awesome person in my life is my mom. If she was not alive, I would not be either. Behind every great person there is a great mom… and dad. My parents are the most awesome people because they help me learn a lot about life and never let me down.

Why is it important to make newcomers feel welcome?

It is important to make newcomers feel welcome because if they are not from Canada, they may not know how to speak English or play like we do. We should help them get used to their new home. Always be a global citizen!

What are some things that make a good person?

Good people help others even when they are not asked to. Like if someone is hurt, instead of walking away, you help them. Good people pick people up, not tear them down. They are kind. Good people are not selfish. They think about other people’s feelings.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

I would become a gym teacher or a teacher’s aide because I want to help other kids learn and stay active and fit. I want to help kids who might want to give up and encourage them to keep going forward.




I am truly grateful to have had Cale Roberts in my classroom. In Science, I assigned Cale as the Project Manager of a student project called The Global Monster Project and was in awe of his critical thinking skills, and how he interacted with the group. The students were always appreciative of his final decisions because he is so kind and has natural leadership skills.

He loves to tell a good joke, Imagine Dragons is his favorite band, he’s a black diamond skier, and participates in parkour. He also joined baseball and was so excited to play. My main reason for nominating Cale is because he is such a positive role model. At such a young age, he holds such a mature awareness within, and he knows that everyone has their own journey in life.

What did you learn from being project manager of the Global Monster Project?

Trying to get a bunch of grade threes to listen to you is very tricky. I would look through the pile of materials and figure out what to use. I thought of jobs that people in the group would need to have and helped them choose which job to take. I learned that as a project manager it is important to assign jobs to everyone so that everyone knows what they need to do.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

My mom and dad because if they didn’t meet each other, I wouldn’t be born.

What are some things that make a good person? 

If they are kind, humble and respectful.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

My family is into board games. I love Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion because it has a lot of strategy involved. I am into games that you need to think about and are not just about luck.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

I have wanted to be in the MLB ever since I was six. My dad took me to play a game of baseball and I enjoyed it and when I was seven my dad signed me up for baseball practice at Explosive Edge. Two years later I joined little league. One of my favourite memories from it was when I got a game-winning, inside the park homerun!




I met Caleb when he registered in our Knuckle Head Kids program. He showed a lot of interest and leadership with our younger athletes. Because we offer free training for kids coming from low-income families, the classes can be busy and he finds enjoyment organizing and creating his own classes.

He approached me to ask if he could be a Junior Coach and learn how to be a boxing coach. Ever since then he has been the assistant coach with our youth coach developing his very own drills, workouts, games and programs. They have all been reviewed by a certified NCCP certified coach and accepted. He shows the leadership skills of and adult at such a young age … he is impressive.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

Muhammad Ali is an awesome person I look up to because he always tried and tried until he couldn’t fight any more. He always fought to make it through the rough parts of life and was a hero all throughout his beginning years. When he found out he had Parkinson’s disease, he fought one last time and lost but still put up a good fight.

You do some coaching, what are some of the qualities of a good coach?

Qualities of a good coach aren’t just being able to teach the kids and do your job to it’s lowest levels, it’s being able to connect in a way that helps the listen and be able to learn better. It can also mean being kind, respectful, honest, and being able to cooperate with each other coach. It also means listening to each and everyone’s opinion on what they did or did not like.

What are some things that make a good person?

Things that make a good person can be kindness and helping others when I’m need, but to be fully able to answer that question we would have to dig a little deeper. A good person is not who they are on the outside, it’s who they are on the inside. They could be helping people in need but deep down they’re a whole different person. I know a lot of people that are trying to fit in with the wrong group of people, but deep down they are a super sweet and kind hearted soul. So being a good person is respecting everyone and everything around you and being a successful student in class.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I don’t tell many people this, but I have ADHD so it can sometimes be difficult to listen and be patient and it gets a little stressful sometimes but I can deal with it. I also don’t tell a lot of people this due to the fact they criticize me, but I think it’s funny. My favourite subject is math because I love how complicated it is and the mental math and seeing how it’s done is really cool – but I’m only at the easy parts right so that might change in the future.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

If I had to start a career right now I would have no clue whatsoever. I have never thought about it, or really even sat down and talked about it. I wouldn’t know, to be honest. I am not even in high school yet, so I don’t have plans for the future yet. I mean, I kind of want to be a professional boxer but I’m not really confident I want to become that yet.




Chet is a tremendous kid! He volunteers his time as a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ambassador, helping to inspire and encourage other kids with Type 1 Diabetes. He has done public speaking events to talk about living with diabetes as well.

This past summer, he worked with his hockey organization, Airdrie Stars, to volunteer as an extra helper on the ice with a younger group of kids. He has such a positive outlook on life and wants to continue to work with younger kids than him and show them that diabetes does not hold you back.

What is your message to young kids living with diabetes?

To keep going for their goals and to always listen to their bodies to keep your blood sugar in range. Don’t let your diabetes be an obstacle.

Who is awesome in your life and why? 

Coach Blake. He has helped me to get better at hockey and he believes in me.

What are some things that make a good person? 

I include people when they’re left out in games or at school. I like to help younger kids with sports if they are struggling. I stand up for others that are being picked on, my mom calls it being an upstander.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know? 

I have an awesome hockey card collection with lots of autographs and hard to find cards. I love going to Morrison Trading Post to look at all the autographs and really rare cards there.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why? 

I’d want to work for Hockey Canada like my cousin, AJ. He gets to travel to really cool places, all while being a part of gold medal-winning teams for Canada.




Claire works very hard and puts her best efforts into every task given to her. When she was done her work, she worked with other students around the room, helping them finish their work. On her breaks, she helped some of our students with special needs with whatever they need. After school, Claire is very busy with her sports activities. During the winter, she plays competitive ringette. In the spring and summer, she plays baseball. Her training and games often cross-over, as she also attends camps to improve her skills.

What is most awesome about Claire is that she is a role model for all around her. She is kind, respectful, polite, hard-working, and dedicated to being the best that she can be, while helping those around her.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

This is an easy question for me, I would be an astronaut. I have always had an interest in space, but grade 6 sparked something inside me that said that’s what I want. And when I want something, I will work for it until I have it. I want to be an astronaut because of space. I have seen so many pictures of space and they are all breathtaking. I want to see that with my own eyes. One day I will.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

Every single person in my life is important; everyone I have ever met has had a role in making me who I am today. I want to give a special thanks to these people, my family, my teacher, and my friends. My family has been the one making all of this happen. Without them, I wouldn’t be anywhere. My friends also play a very important role, they make me laugh more than anyone. They’re the ones that bring joy into my life. Also, my grade 6 teacher, the person that nominated me. He’s the one that keeps my dreams alive and will always be there to watch me succeed. I can’t tell him in words how much he’s changed my life. It was one year I was with him, and that was the best year of life. I can’t thank these people enough.

What do you think sports can teach us about life?

I play sports for a reason. I’ve made so many bonds from meeting different people playing sports. I’ve learned how to build relationships, determination, strength, and most importantly I’ve found myself. Whenever I have a rough day, I go and skate it off. It helps me so much I can’t even describe it in words. And winning, being able to feel like you’re on top of the world. No one else can take you down because you just won. And losing, learning what you can do better and how to improve. I play sports for those reasons.

 What are some things that make a good person?

There’s so many things that can make a good person, but I’m going to say my most valued: loyal, dependable, equal. They’re always going to tell you the truth, good or bad. Your friend has to be someone you can rely on. What happens if you need them to help you with your work, but they just brush you off? You’re trying to rely on them, but they don’t care, that’s not a friend. And equal, this may be a confusing one to people at first, but it’s very important that your friends never try to one-up you – they support you for whatever decisions you make. Even if you chose to be on a higher team, you’re never going to try and say something that makes yourself out to be more ‘important’.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know? 

Something people don’t know, or might not believe, is that I have never given up. Last year, I was on the lowest team for everything I played. I wanted to change that, so I practiced every night. This year, I made every single team I wanted to. I didn’t give up. I’m still practicing everyday and going until I physically cannot. There are many things that I will take a break from, then I’ll go right back at it and try again until I get it!




My Grandson Declin is one of the kindest, most kindred spirits out there. You don’t meet too many 10-year-olds who, when they introduce themselves, shake your hand, and can hold a conversation. When Declin isn’t busy trying to achieve being a professional lacrosse player, he is a helper to his working parents, taking care of his two younger brothers. He has more responsibility than most 10-year-olds, getting them off to school and making sure they are on the bus. He thrives with it though. His kind heart, his humour, his determination, compassion, and maturity make Declin is a pretty amazing kid.

What do you think sports can teach us about life?

Well, it can teach you multiple things. What I think it can teach you is teamwork and competitiveness. It teaches us how to be a decent person and not cheat in life. If you get caught cheating, you’ll have to start over.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

My dad because he helps me practice, and my brother because he is always a person I can lean on and depend on.

What are some things that make a good person?

Well, there are different things, but the things that stick out to me are humour, kindness, and if someone trips how you react and do you go help that person.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

Well, I don’t know, I am a pretty open person, but probably that I don’t know. I tell everyone everything.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

Professional lacrosse player. They don’t make good money, but it’s my favourite thing to do.




Easton has faced adversity on many levels (especially for a child), the biggest of which was the murder of his big brother (and hero) Kalix. He has shown fortitude for fighting through grief and striving to honour his brother’s memory. Easton has become an inspiring supporter of the legacy that has been formed in Kalix’s name. He has volunteered to sit at events and promote the legacy. Easton, himself, raised $803.20 for the legacy during a lemonade sale he held.

This family also has close ties to the Alberta Children’s Hospital as both Easton (as a baby), and his sister Peyton (as a toddler), needed their life-saving efforts. Both kids would have had not survived if not for the amazing teams at ACH and Stollery Children’s Hospitals. For every year since then the family has helped with fundraising events for the hospital. This year, Easton was serving blizzards for DQ Miracle Treat Day. He’s always one of the first to jump up to help whenever or wherever it is needed. I cannot think of a more deserving child for this honour.

What can you tell us about your brother’s legacy program?

It is called the Kalix Legacy Foundation. Kalix wanted to provide equipment to kids if they couldn’t afford it. He also wanted to provide money to help kids play sports. The legacy helps out kids in need.

Mom’s addition: Kalix was a coach and mentor here in Airdrie. It was his wish to provide funding for families facing financial barriers for sports registration, specialized training and proper fitting safe equipment. As a family we have taken Kalix’s wish and made it a reality, honouring his memory and keeping his legacy alive.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

Brother Kalix, Mom Betina, Dad John, Oma and Opa, Sister Payton and Dog Oily – they are all awesome because they are my family and they mean a lot to me and I spend a lot of time with them. I have done lots of things with them, like hiking and road trips with my mom, dad and sister. I like the food my family makes. My big brother Kalix was my hero, because he was my role model and I really liked hanging out with him playing Pokemon and basketball.

What are some things that make a good person?

People being kind, people loving, people helping out others in need or to make someone’s day, not littering and picking up garbage when you see it on the ground, loving animals, returning lost items and animals.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I play hockey and am a goalie, just like my big brother. I play lots of video games and I like to help my parents with things they are doing. I like drawing and colouring. I have a dog named Oily, he is old and I peed on him when I was a baby in baby photos. I am an animal whisperer. I like moose and my favourite number is 8. My favorite colour is light blue.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

I would be a police officer, so I can drive fast when people are in need, and help people. The police helped us find Kalix and I want to help other families find their missing family members.




Last school year, I had the pleasure of being Ella’s homeroom, English and Social Studies teacher. Ella is a strong leader, communicator, and advocate for herself. She leads by example and always strives to put her best foot forward, both outside and inside the classroom. Ella earned our Bison Head Award for maintaining a strong growth mindset all year long. Ella explores opportunities for personal growth in her learning and community environments. Ella is driven to achieve her goals and has developed habits that contribute to her well-being and overall success. This is explicitly demonstrated in her various athletic ventures, including track and field and ringette. Ella plays ringette at a very high level and even played in Europe this summer.

She has a kind heart and has an easygoing and cheerful personality. Throughout the school year, Ella collaborated with a variety of people on numerous projects and events. She is always an active member of the group, welcomes others, and ensures her part of the work is done to the best of her abilities.

What did winning the Bison Head Award mean to you?

Winning the Bison Head Award gave me confidence to be a better student and to continue to ask questions if I don’t understand.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

The one person that is awesome in my life is my coach from Zone 2AA Ringette. She has made me a better player and gave me the confidence to be the best version of myself. I maintain a positive attitude, set goals, and work through and overcome challenges.

What are some things that make a good person?

The things that make me a good person are kindness, honesty, showing generosity, and patience.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know? 

This summer I played on a ringette team that traveled to Finland. We placed first.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

I would like to be a nurse when I grow up because I enjoy helping people.




Hayley is a singer, song writer, plays guitar, piano and ukulele. She is passionate about music and incredibly focused and dedicated to it. So far, she has written four original songs and recently demo recorded her first. She preforms usually once a week at an open mics, played some big markets in Bridgeland and Inglewood in Calgary and Airdrie’s Homestead Market. She played at the Thumbs Up Foundation music festival this past summer and just booked a three-hour solo show at Brewsters in Airdrie in November.

Her incredible natural musical talent aside it’s her work ethic, determination, confidence and drive to keep improving that is most inspiring. To watch a video of Hayley singing one of her original compositions, Camouflage, visit

Where do the ideas come from for the songs you write?

Some come from personal experience and others I find fun to just use my imagination. I find songs written by personal experience are easier to write, since I have so much emotion and feelings about the story. Often times, I don’t just sit down and write a song, something will usually happen to me that causes emotions that I let out in a song.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

My parents have always been so supportive of me no matter what I wanted to do. My grandma is also real awesome, since neither of my parents are musicians it’s really cool to have another musician around to share my love for music with. All of my music teachers are also a huge part of my life: Brian Ferrall (my vocal coach), Steve Jevne (my guitar teacher) and Eden Regier (my piano teacher) – not only are they amazing teachers but they’re also amazing mentors.

What are some things that make a good person?

A good person, in my mind, is someone who has a good sense of humour (love sarcasm!), respects everybody’s perspectives on things and just someone who takes the time to listen and understand what other people are saying.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I LOVE to train my dogs, make pup treats and I just love dogs in general!!!

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be any why?

I am GONNA be a country singer!




Jaxon Lowther is so deserving of the Awesome Kids Award. He approaches everything in life with extreme determination and perseverance. He willingly accepts any challenge that is put before him whether it is in sports or academics. He is an avid mathematician and is using these skills to aid in one of his many entrepreneurial endeavours.

Jaxon’s competitive nature shines in his favourite sports- hockey and soccer. He was chosen to play in Hockey Alberta’s 2022 Prospects Cup. Despite being the smallest player on the team, he made up for it with his team spirit and perseverance. He not only an amazing athlete, but he excels in school, achieving the honour roll regularly. Jaxon is very creative and will be very successful in whatever he does.

What do you like more, math or hockey, and why?

That’s a tough question but I think I’d have to say hockey because I get to move around and practice my skills and see my teammates.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

My parents- My dad because he was a great hockey player and I want to be as good as him someday. My mom because she is an awesome teacher and helps me with school work.

What are some things that make a good person?

A good person is someone who helps others, shows kindness, respect, and admits when they are wrong and says sorry.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know

That I have ADHD and it’s hard sometimes, but I work hard to use my energy is a good way.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

I would like to be an architect so I could design houses that are really cool.




Jonah exemplifies all of the required quality traits to be a successful nomination for the Airdrie Awesome kids award. Since the first day of school, Jonah has been a positive light in our classroom. He is helpful, funny, and a hard worker with his academics. He is a great listener and is hoping to be a rapper one day. In fact, he told me he is writing his own song to share with me for the end of the year. I am hoping that Jonah can represent the Airdrie Awesome Kids award as he is more than deserving of it.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

A teacher because I like hanging around and helping kids! You can have multiple jobs … I would also like to be a police officer, and a veterinarian. They all help people and animals.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

My family, my teachers at Heloise Lorimer, and my piano teacher, Miss Paige, because they are really nice and they help me learn.

We hear you’re a rapper,  how do you think rap music can have a positive message?

Rap music can make me feel happy and any kind of music. I like Drake and the Corn Song (it’s really funny).

What are some things that make a good person?

If they are nice, kind, aren’t bullies, and don’t hurt people (and give good hugs)!

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I like Pokémon and have a collection of over 500 cards! People don’t know that I’m a good soccer player.




Micah is a super sweet kid that is enthusiastic about technology and helping people. He always brightens up the Dojo and is great at helping fellow ninjas when they are having trouble. Some things we see of Micah is his willingness to help out others, during the winter he regularly offers to help shovel not only his sidewalk but also his neighbours’. He is continually looking for ways to help out his younger siblings and friends along with other ninjas.

Micah engages in conversations with others (friends, neighbours, adults and kids alike) he takes an interest in how others are and is very attentive to others needs. He is constantly looking for ways to build technology that helps people. One of the things he is working on is a robot prototype to help rescue people from disasters.

How can you translate lessons you learn at Code Ninjas to everyday life?

Code Ninjas has taught me to look back on previous work when I’m having trouble with something. After I built MAX, my robot, at home it gave me lots of ideas and I can look back at how MAX was built to help future robot builds. I also learned how to use my time wisely that helps me both at school and at home.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

My cousin Caleb, because he is my oldest cousin and he has helped me with a lot of stuff, like building MAX my robot.

What are some things that make a good person?

A good person helps other people in difficult situations and is kind.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I really enjoy playing with model trains and slot cars during the winter.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

I would work for Boston Dynamics in the U.S., designing and building robots to help people in everyday life and to help large companies. I want to do that because I like helping other people and I’m very interested in some of the robot designs they have built so far.




I believe that Millie exemplifies all of the character traits that the Airdrie Awesome Kids award. Since day one, Millie has been determined and diligent at completing her work on a timely manner.

She is a perfectionist and even though she is only in grade 3, it is evident that she holds herself to a high standard academically and socially with her peers. She is helpful towards her peers; if she finishes the assignment quicker than others she uses the extra time to help her classmates complete the assigned work. She is positive and shines a light in our grade 3 class!

She is a role model for others and I believe that she would be an amazing nominee for the Airdrie Awesome Kids award.


Millie is an amazing kid with a big heart. She is a quiet leader, always willing to help others. Millie continued to come back to her first-grade classroom weekly to say “Hi” and help me, her former teacher, and my new students. She is a wonderful role model who sparkles with grace and kindness.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

Everybody. Because everybody is different, and I like them all in different ways.

Why do you think it’s important to always try your best?

To succeed in life.

What are some things that make a good person?

Be kind to others and don’t be a bully.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know ?

I don’t like cookies, banana bread, pie or muffins.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

A teacher, because I like helping and teaching.




Neel is an exceptionally hard-working young man who’s work is insightful and thoughtful. He is kind to his peers and is an excellent role model not just in our class but in our school.

He is very community minded – his submission for the Mayor For A Day contest (on installing tactile pavement for the visually impaired) was one of the top three finalists chosen for this year, and the Councillors were blown away by his confidence and the thoroughness of the presentation that he gave and animated himself.

He also entered the Bus Safety Week poster contest and was chosen as a finalist for that. I’ve been teaching middle school in Airdrie for 10 years and Neel is the first student that I’ve nominated for a city-wide award. That speaks volumes to the fact that he has worked hard to stand out amongst the truly wonderful students that I’ve encountered in my career.

Editor’s note: In fact, Neel ended up winning the Mayor For A Day after nominations were submitted.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I am passionate about simple things, like sketching, drawing, painting and even digital art. I also have a YouTube channel where I create and post animations for mythological stories that my brother narrates! It is called ‘Animyth Tales’. I am a brown II belt in karate, have an affinity for music and play piano and euphonium. I am very passionate about climate change!

Who is awesome in your life and why?

Awesome is a word describing a concept as daunting, impressive, or inspiring great admiration and, to me, that would be my dad. He’s always been there for me, a role model I could look up to. He’s always thinking about me, supporting my ideas and building my future. He gives me respect I don’t deserve and loves me so much. My dad is amazing.

Where did you get the idea for tactile pavement and why is the issue important to you?

I got this Idea from a video of someone visually impaired explaining tactile paving in her country. It intrigued me to think about how those less abled and how minorities have to live, and how our world isn’t shaped for them and safe for them. And when I had the opportunity to implement an idea, I thought tactile paving would be an important step towards city-wide inclusivity, showing that we care for our minorities. Having those visually impaired be able to live danger-free is a huge accomplishment alone – but showing the rest of the world that even a small town like Airdrie can create an impact on lives by just listening to those in need makes Airdrie a role model city and a place where everyone is welcome and safe to pursue their dreams.

What are things that make a good person?

“Good” is such a vague term. It explains something so complex yet so simple. “Good” isn’t a person or a trait you can identify with. “Good” is something you can do, something I can do, something anyone can do. “Good” is the bigger perspective, yet “good” is as simple as loving yourself. “Good” can be anything, honesty, bravery, ambition, kindness etc. Good can be so many things, things that are so simple to accomplish. Taking the first step toward yourself, others, communities or even the world. “Good” can be as small as holding the door for someone or as big as curing cancer. “Good” is a concept of positivity that roots in yourself. We all have the option to do “good”, always, it’s the power that it takes to do “good” whatever that may be to you, “Good” is the energy of loving and doing.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

If I could choose any career, I would choose graphic design as it plays into my interest in art, computers, digital drawings and design. I’ve liked art, design and digital art at a very young age, and now this has sculpted my hobby of art and animation!

Another varying interest of mine is the field of law, copyright, companies and criminal cases. Being a lawyer always intrigued me, representing those who have been wronged and defending those accused. This also opens a new doorway for a career.




Reta truly changes the environment in the classroom and school. She is a kind student who helps others feel welcomed, cared for, and loved. She is a compassionate student who models this characteristic to her fellow classmates with her actions, and as a result other students are more open to understanding. Reta is always staying positive, and the other students see this and this has a tremendous positive impact on her fellow classmates.

Reta keeps herself busy, as she is a ballet dancer and she loves to sing. She is a studious young lady. Reta goes above and beyond her expectations as a student. She is always doing extra homework, reading about current events and already thinking about what she wants to be when she grows up: a teacher! Reta attends church every Sunday with her family and loves to share bible stories with the class. She truly portrays faith, compassion and courage in all who meet her! Reta is super kid!

What do you like about ballet dancing?

I feel so happy, special and proud when I am dancing ballet!

Who is awesome in your life and why?

My family is awesome in my life because they make me feel special and safe.

What are things that make a good person?

kind, nice, loving, caring about others and doing what is right are things that make the person good.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I like singing, dancing, arts and crafts and I am so creative and smart.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

I would like to be a teacher, because I like to teach people what is right.




Rhys Mitchell is an exemplary young man. He marches to his own drum and in doing so, he continually demonstrates such kindness, compassion and shows his peers what thoughtfulness and kindness looks like. Rhys has two elderly great grandparents (96 and 97) and one has dementia. When he sees them, he greets them with such love and kindness and speaks to his grandmother as if she understands all he tells her.

At school he seeks out and supports any child who seems left out, is bullied or is new to the country. His kindness and attentiveness is noted by his peers and his teachers. He is diligent in his studies.

He plays on the Airdrie Storm football team where he always tries his best and supports not only his teammates but shows such great sportsmanship. Rhys greets all he knows and new acquaintances with politeness and warmth. All in all, Rhys is a wonderful boy who deserves every recognition for all the positive qualities he has and demonstrates. He is a wonderful child.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

I love puppets and puppetry! I collect puppets and one day I would love to learn more about the performing art from a professional puppeteer.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

There are so many awesome people in my life, and I really don’t like to pick favourites, but my grandma is really awesome. My grandma is very kind, caring, and loving and she always brightens my day. She is also very hardworking and talented. In fact, she wrote a musical about zoo animals, it’s called Zoo Street! The show has fantastic music and it’s really entertaining, but what I love most about it are the penguin puppets! And the dinosaur song because I helped her write it!

Why are grandparents special?

I wouldn’t exist without them! Also, all of my grandparents are really great at taking care of me and teaching me new things. I also love hearing their stories about the past, they always make me laugh.

What are some things that make a good person?

A good person cares about everyone, thinks about others’ feelings and treats everyone with kindness and respect.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

I would really love to be an NFL player because I love football and playing in one of those huge stadiums would be awesome! In the off-season,  I would also love to be a puppeteer because I like having a way to express my creativity.




River is a kind, caring, and compassionate person. She has taken students under her wing from all walks of life, making connections with each one of them. In the classroom she took on a leadership role by asking to start a How To Train Your Brain Club. She ran the club on her own and planned the activities for students to participate in. All the students who participated in the club really enjoyed coming every Friday. River did an amazing job facilitating the club, and it was awesome to see her take on a leadership role in the school community.

River shows determination in the classroom. If she was unsure of a topic we were learning, she would reach out for help and support. She shows resiliency by not giving up and is always determined to figure it out. River is such an awesome kid, who is always kind, caring, and compassionate. She has shown leadership within the school community, and compassion towards her fellow classmates. She fills the buckets of many adults within the building, and I cannot think of a more awesome kid!

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

A horseback rider because horses are awesome, and an actor because I think it’s fun.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

My family because they have done so much for me.

What do you think it means when people say you have a positive attitude?

I think it means trying to see the good in every situation.

What are some things that make a good person?

Being kind, loving, and caring. Putting other people first.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know?

That I am there for them when hard times happen.




We’d like to nominate Xander for an Awesome Airdrie Kid. We were so fortunate to have him in our Grade 6 class last year, as he demonstrated many virtues of a leader and a kind-hearted student. Xander always puts in his best effort and always has a positive and optimistic attitude. Xander always wants to do his best. Any opportunity he has, Xander always helps others in need.

Xander is consistently friendly with all classmates and shows determination to help his peers. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to his teachers – volunteering to help them around the class. Xander is the best big brother, he is always encouraging and checks on his brother throughout the school day. Anytime you see Xander in the community, he has a smile on his face. His friendly nature is contagious, and he has many friends that enjoy spending time with him.

Overall, Xander exemplifies determination, patience, empathy, perseverance, kindness, and leadership in all aspects of his life.

If you had to choose a career right now, what would you be and why?

A mental health therapist because I have a brother that has autism and I always want to help him if he is having a bad day. I want people to feel safe and that they can come to me to talk to without being judged.

Who is awesome in your life and why?

Jack, because he is my best friend. He is always kind and caring and he doesn’t judge you for who you are.

What are some qualities of a good friend?

Caring, friendly, got your back, non judgemental, helpful and honest.

What are some things that make a good person?

That they are caring, welcoming, wanting to spend time with you, always willing to lend a helping hand, non judgemental and accepts you for who you are.

What is something about yourself that people don’t know that you would like them to know

I am a softie. I am a big teddy bear!