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Awesome dad gets an awesome new look!

When we put the call out for men who needed a little help in the style department, Michelle Nadraszky was desperate to get her husband, Bill, into our hands.

“He is a great dad and husband – putting us first ahead of himself, but yes he has the same old glasses, sweats, haircut and bad T-shirts,” Michelle joked in her e-mail to us.

It turned out our offer to provide a fun makeover gave this family of four a much-appreciated lift in their stressful lives. “By choosing Bill to be your manover, you all in return have given us much-needed fun and excitement in an otherwise challenging time for us,” Michelle said.

Bill and Michelle’s 15-year-old daughter, Taylor, has Stage 4 kidney disease – a rare one in 50,000 case. Taylor is currently awaiting an emergency surgery May 22 to have her kidney removed and go on dialysis. After she heals from her surgery, Bill – who has already undergone cross-match testing – will be donating his kidney to his daughter, pending approval. Greatest dad indeed.

The Nadraszkly family story so moved Wendy at the Hair Lounge, she surprised Michelle with her own makeover when they came in for Bill’s haircut. Wendy treated Michelle to the full treatment – a makeup session with Jamie Lee and then she cut, coloured and styled Michelle’s hair to make her feel refreshed.

For Bill, Wendy cut Bill’s hair shorter on the sides, leaving it a little longer on top for extra coverage. She used a thickening paste to finish for a real up-to-date look.

Bill enjoyed getting his teeth professionally whitened at Airdrie Dental Studio, taking an already great smile to brilliant!

New glasses were also part of the package and the team at Airdrie Eye Care showed Bill how to pick a pair that was a perfect fit for his face.

And then it was off to shop with style consultant Jaimee Slifka at CrossIron Mills. Bill had a $250 gift card to spend and Jaimee helped him pick some updated looks that are still Bill, but better! Bill learned it was okay to have fun with crazy wild patterns and still look professional. His favourite look – the outfit with the jacket. “I am trying to wear more collared shirts,” he says, but admits he is not ready to give up his tie-dye T-shirt.

Did it work? Bill, a systems analyst at West Jet for 11 years, reported that everyone at work noticed and he was even called out for looking more clean-cut and responsible than he had in years!
OUR MANover partners:
Airdrie Eye Care Centre, The Hair Lounge, Airdrie Dental Studio, CrossIron Mills

Want to WIN a makeover? Visit us at and tell us why you deserve to win a prize package that includes a $250 CrossIron Mills shopping spree.


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