Happy Paws holds annual Compassion Clinic May 7

On May 7, 2023, Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic will hold their Annual Compassion Clinic at their new East Side location in Kings Heights for those in need of veterinary services who wouldn’t normally be able to afford them for their pet.

“At Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic, we understand the importance of the human-animal bond and the challenges that can come with providing pets with the necessary care they need to thrive. That’s why we are hosting Compassion Clinic, a free veterinary care day, to support pet owners in Airdrie who are experiencing financial difficulties,” says Dr. Erin Heck, owner and veterinarian.

The Compassion Clinic is a charity event where the Happy Paws veterinary team volunteers their time and supplies to provide a variety of veterinary services free of charge to nominated Airdrie citizens who struggle financially to bring care to their pets.

If you know a senior, veteran, student or family in need, that has a dog or cat that needs help in Airdrie – whether it’s something small like vaccines, dental work, or a larger health issue that needs treatment – Happy Paws is here to help.

Pet owners could be low-income families, veterans, students, on AISH, families with disabilities or others having a tough time right now who can’t afford vet care. The nomination form will ask for details about the needs of the pet and the situation for the pet owners.

If you fit the criteria above, or you know someone who does, please nominate them at