Half way there

Winter 2018

These contestants are all working hard to make the weight-loss challenge a productive journey with positive self-talk, healthy habits and a strong connection to their whys”

Our three 2018 Fitness Challengers are making great strides in their goals to become healthier, active and fit. 

At the half-way point all three are making the challenge a personal win. Our coaches Deanna Bensler, Rachael Ingham and Lisa Kaluski with Orange Theory Fitness, Nicole Ferguson with Simply For Life and accountability coach Michelle Carre are equally enthused by the trio’s hard work ethic. 

“I am very proud of these three. I am really impressed with what they are doing for themselves, which is spilling over in a positive way at home and work,” says Ferguson. 

“They say life is a journey and it certainly is. These contestants are all working hard to make the weight-loss challenge a productive journey with positive self-talk, healthy habits and a strong connection to their whys,” says Carre. 

“Hearing them each adapt the eating program and workout regimes to best suit their individual needs is awesome. We’re all different and success comes from knowing what works best for you.” 


Stay tuned for the final results in the spring issue! 


Laura Brauer 

“Laura has made huge improvements in her health in this program so far. She has proven that she has learned what nourishing her body means. Her family is benefiting from her knowledge as well. Laura has changed her body for the better and has no signs of stopping!”  

– Nicole Ferguson 


“Laura is doing great. She’s motivated and really doing well.  My next goal with Laura is to turn her from a power walker to a jogger and she has really embraced that challenge. The long-term plan is for her to run her first five kilometre race next summer. I told her I’d run it with her. She is doing so good and I’m really proud of her! Laura understands it will be a lifelong change, not just a quick fix, and she is making that happen.” 

– Deanna Bensler 

Weight 243 lbs – 28 lbs LOST! 

Right arm13” 

Left arm14” 


Upper waist44” 


Hips              48.5” 

Thigh             24” 



Amber Jensen  

“Amber just GLOWS from the inside out.  She radiates healthy living every time I see her.  She comes to our meetings with great questions and always has a positive attitude to try something new, like swap out an afternoon coffee with a green tea instead!”  

– Nicole Ferguson 


“Amber is doing awesome. She has a very positive mindset and is always excited to work out. She mentioned (recently) she had plateaued and the weight wasn’t moving anywhere, up or down. I just encouraged her and said to keep moving forward, doing what she is doing, and the changes will come. She is strong and determined!” 

– Rachael Ingham 

Weight 171.4 – 16.6 lbs LOST!

Right arm        12 1/8”  

Left arm           12” 

Chest              39” 

Upper waist     32.5” 

Waist               34 1/8” 

Hips                39” 

Thigh             22” 


Chris Dickinson 

“Chris is thriving with the systems he’s learning.  He seems to really like to know the why he is doing things and figures out the how and sticks to it.  He is an inspiration to his coworkers as well. Chris is always open to suggestion and knows to stick with what’s working.”  

-Nicole Ferguson 

“Chris is doing exceptional, averaging five sessions a week. He did a 12-minute run for distance and made the OTF leader board in the studio. He participated in the Dri Tri Full (out of his comfort zone), and signed up for Hell Week, too. Chris realizes this is a journey not a destination. His attitude is always positive and he will ask questions when needed.” 

Lisa Kaluski 

Weight 177.2 – 24.8 lbs LOST

Right arm       12 7/8” 

Left arm         13” 

Chest              38” 

Upper waist   31” 

Waist              32” 

Hips                40” 

Thigh              20.5”