2025 Amazing Airdrie Women Award Nominations

Since 2011 airdrielife has featured more than 500 Airdrie women who have inspired others to nominate them for the Amazing Airdrie Women Awards. This is your chance to celebrate the women in your life by nominating them today!
Nominations are accepted until midnight Nov 1, 2024. All accepted nominations will be featured in the spring issue of airdrielife in March 2025. An awards celebration will take place in the late spring/early summer of 2025.

To read the rules and regulations regarding the AAW please click here.


  1. Amazing Advocate – an amazing woman whose passion for a local cause or not-for-profit group inspires and motivates others to become involved and make a positive impact.
  2. Amazing Athlete – an amazing woman who is striving towards (or has achieved) athletic excellence in her chosen field.
  3. Amazing Coach – an amazing woman whose leadership in sports gives athletes a positive experience during their formative playing/competitive years.
  4. Amazing Courage (Tracy Work Memorial) – an amazing woman who has mental or moral strength to persevere and withstand a difficult personal experience and triumphs in a manner that inspires others.
  5. Amazing Cultural Ambassador – an amazing woman whose creative talent and energy is matched by her ability to mentor, engage and promote the art community as a whole.
  6. Amazing Determination – an amazing woman who has taken decisive action and created change either in her own personal life or in the community at large
  7. Amazing Employee – an amazing woman who brings energy and positivity to her workplace.
  8.  Amazing Entrepreneur – an amazing woman who is 100% owner/operator of a small business in Airdrie for at least three years and has demonstrated growth and success.
  9. Amazing Heart an amazing woman who with a generous disposition and compassion has touched the lives of others in her personal circle; family, friends and peers.
  10. Amazing Legacy – an amazing woman who has been part of the Airdrie community for more than 15 years and has made a difference by her contributions through either her work, volunteering, mentoring, activism and guidance, and has shown by example how to live her best life.
  11. Amazing Legend – an amazing woman 65+ years and older who in her lifetime has had a positive impact in the lives of others in our community.
  12. Amazing Mentor – an amazing woman who is a trusted tutor, counselor or guide to others in the community as a role model and leader in her chosen field.
  13. Amazing Promise – an amazing young woman (age 15 – 21) who demonstrates exceptional promise through her endeavors in her chosen discipline and is a role model for other youth.
  14. Amazing Rural Rep – an amazing woman whose life and/or livelihood is focused on agriculture, farming and rural life. She lives in a rural environment outside the urban boundaries of Airdrie within a 25 km radius.
  15. Amazing Workplace – a business or organization that has created an environment of support and equality for women – this award is presented to the business/organization as a whole, not to any one individual. THIS CATEGORY MAY BE SELF-NOMINATED