Shauna Quinn, chair of the 2020 Alberta Winter Games, worked incredibly hard to bring the monumental event to our city last February.

The Games included nearly 2,500 participants and 18 sports that took place in Canmore, Calgary, Airdrie and Balzac.

“There is no doubt for me, there’s a magical energy that comes with public events. I call it the public spirit – so exciting and special it makes you cry for no reason,” she says.

Quinn has the experience to back up the amazing achievement of planning the Games. She spent 10 years working on the ‘real’ Olympic Games, and another eight producing live events.

She adds it’s a strange feeling knowing a few weeks later the world would turn upside down with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I feel it is really important in a city like Airdrie for people to step up,” she says of why volunteering is crucial to a community.

“Help cultivate the community you want to live in, bring vision to the life you want for yourself or your kids, and celebrate the successes of those around you. Connecting with others, with the community and bringing your passion to purpose, regardless of awards or recognitions, or even paychecks take a lot of determination and commitment but in the end, just feels great.”

Christie Jensen worked with Quinn on the Games and says she applauds Quinn’s dedication to pull together so many people, groups and partners to make the large-scale event happen.

“She deserves this award because she is more than a dedicated volunteer; she doesn’t run away from a challenge and is committed long-term. Project success is the only option when Shauna is involved,” says Jensen.