Twenty-nine years of teaching hasn’t dampened Michèle Tremblay’s commitment to her students. The French Immersion teacher does her best to meet the needs of her students.

Her empathy had a huge impact on Emma and Kayla Work, whose mom passed away just one week before school started when Emma, the oldest, was going into Grade 5. Tremblay taught Emma for three years and by then Kayla was her student, too. Tremblay quickly became an important part of the girls’ lives.

The girls are grateful to the teacher who helped them through a sad and devastating time.

“I took them under my wing,” says Tremblay of the girls, explaining the loss of her mother gave her empathy for the girls’ loss.

Tremblay is humble about her involvement, saying educators teach to make a difference.

“I believe [teachers] have so much impact on their students. They are so easily impressed at this age that we want that impression to be a positive one.”

Today, several years after losing their mom, Emma and Kayla are still very close to their teacher, notes Tremblay.

“My relationship with those kids is amazing,” she says.