Kim Hill has worked for the majority of her public health nurse career in Airdrie, starting in the 1990s.

Even at 63 years old, Hill continues to be passionate in her work, supporting schools, young families in child wellness clinics, and doing home visits with health information such as sun, playground and vaccine safety.

“Public health has always been my dream job,” says Hill.

“I remember when I was a little girl at a small country school and the public health nurse made such an impact on me. She was so kind and caring, it made me want to do that. I haven’t looked back. I love helping people and getting involved in the community.”

Over the years, Hill has led car seat and bike helmet safety clinics, bike rodeos for new riders, and farm safety days in collaboration with provincial organizations, all while working as a school nurse.

One of her proudest achievements was Smoke-Free Airdrie, which, after triggering a City plebiscite, led to changes in provincial legislation regarding smoking in public areas.

Nominator Wendy Timmermans has known Hill for many years.

“From the very beginning, she dedicated her practice to the promotion of health, safety and injury-prevention for the residents of Airdrie,” says Timmermans.

“I have little doubt that the efforts that Kim has enacted have made Airdrie a much safer place to live and play.”