Jennifer Avery wanted to continue her daughter’s legacy after she passed away in a devastating car accident in 2019.

She focused on giving adults a better opportunity to upgrade their education in order to pursue better career opportunities. As owner of Academy of Learning Career College in Airdrie, Brooks and High River, Avery encourages everyone to overcome their hurdles.

“When my daughter died, I had to overcome that hurdle somehow. Then COVID came and I had to get over that hurdle. But I realized I have my students, my family and my community to help get me through,” says Avery.

“Even when I am at my lowest, they help me, and I help them when they are at their lowest. We keep going and battling every storm that comes our way. It’s all about having a positive outlook.”

Supporting the education system has always been important to Avery. She was a rural bus driver for more than a decade, and eventually became a School Board Trustee for Rocky View Schools.

Nominator Teresa Merryfield says Avery always looks to find the best in everything.

“For more than 15 years, Jennifer has supported the Airdrie Community,” says Merryfield. “She leads with amazing passion for others and her students to achieve their potential and move toward their best futures.”