Jacqueline Vincent has always been curious about how the world works. 

The Grade 12 student at George McDougall High School says she has always asked questions and wanted to know why something works the way it does.

“I find it so fascinating when you can figure tough things out,” says Vincent.

“I want to be making discoveries that will help other people. So, I hope to become a researcher. I think looking at things under a microscope, looking at data and trying new things that no one else has ever tried is really cool.”

This past summer Vincent was one of 39 participants in the Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science & Technology (WISEST) summer research program at the University of Alberta. She reviewed an article on viral nucleosomes and published a summary of findings while there.

Vincent plans to continue her studies through a Biochemistry Bachelor of Science Honours Degree program at the U of A.

Nominator Erin Duggan is a counsellor at George McDougall. She says Vincent is a gifted student.

“She is one of our brightest students, earning top grades in all of her classes.”