Jaclyn Dorchak has lived in Airdrie since 2015 and owns a small real estate company. The local businesswoman says she has thought about running for council for years.

“Airdrie is the place where opportunity and desire met,” she says.

She adds that she is running to serve residents by bringing fresh eyes, perspective, knowledge, experience, and questions to the table.


Q&A Portion

  1. Why are you running for office?


I believe that Airdrie need a greater diversity of lived experiences on council that better represent its growing population and changing demographics. I also believe that Airdrie needs to figure out what it’s identity will be moving into the future, how it can lead by example and have an impact regionally, provincially and nationally.


  1. How will you help to make Airdrie a better place to live, work and play?


I think the most important way anyone on City council can make Airdrie a better place to live, work, and play is to be engaged with the community beyond the photo op. To actually listen to the concerns and desires of residents, to be honest in their communication with them, and advocate for them when it comes to the process of getting goals accomplished. Personally, I am all about having the truthful, difficult or uncomfortable conversation, rather than one filled only with platitudes.


  1. What is the most important issue in this election and how do you plan to address it?

To me, the most important issue in this election is the future identity of Airdrie. How will all of the projects, goals and desires of the City culminate into building an identity, a local economy, a community, that will be able to endure, adapt, and prosper for the up-and-coming generations? We need to become more than just a bedroom community of Calgary, more than just a stop along Highway 2. We need to become a leading municipality in the province with whatever direction Airdrie residents want their city to take.


  1. How do you plan to be transparent and accountable to your constituents?

With the privilege of a council seat comes the responsibility of hard work, transparency, communication and accountability. Wish lists become reality when candidates that become councillors remain persistent in the pursuit of achieving a goal or idea, on behalf of those that voted for them, including being honest when something is not a viable option, and why.

  1. Why should residents vote for you?

Airdrie residents should vote for me if they want to see someone who is not the average or typical candidate hold a seat on council. This election is about getting more voices to be heard, whether it is at the polls or in council chambers. Because Airdrie deserves a council candidate that will advocate for them until all options and avenues are exhausted, that will be connected to them and tell the truth throughout the entire process.