In Amy Katlan’s viewfinder, everyone is worthy of having beautiful photos of themselves. 

It’s why Katlan describes herself as an empowerment photographer. Seeking to create a positive experience for people no matter what body type, size or personal history.

“We live in a world where everything is fake. You’re not seeing someone struggling with their day. You’re seeing their beautiful cafe mocha topped with whip cream and chocolate,” says Katlan.


“It takes courage to show up as you are and tell your story authentically. I try to do that by helping those embrace challenges they’ve had and challenging their self-perceived and societal-perceived flaws.”

In 2021 Katlan created The Body Love Evolution online as a way to bring women, female-identifying and nonbinary people together. It’s an intimate space where people can ask questions, look for support or share good news.

Group member and nominator Sarah Courneya says Katlan’s ability to stand for what she believes in is inspiring.

“She actively dismantles stereotypes even at the risk of losing clients and promotes love and beauty for everyone…. Her work is absolutely breathtaking because it gives a glimpse into how she sees everyone through a kind and beautiful lens.”