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As I was reading through the stories that make up this issue of airdrielife, it occurred to me yet again just how incredible is this community we call home.

Airdrie is filled with delightful people, all of whom have fascinating stories to tell. We see them in passing as we hurry through the grocery store or the bank or the recycling depot, but we don’t often have the opportunity to find out more about them and their lives and the paths they have trod that have brought them to where they are today. (Of course, they might just call the police if a total stranger stopped them and said: “Tell me all about yourself, I’m really interested … really … I mean it.”)

With airdrielife, we have the chance to introduce our readers to at least a few of the people of our community, and we have a lot of fun with our summer issue dedicated ‘to the guys.’ Here we showcase some great life stories, from entrepreneurial businessmen to a (some might call him crazy) rodeo athlete; from dads who joined forces for charity to an artist who draws his inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of Alberta. We also get to live vicariously through our ‘food critic’s’ burger binge and take a magical trip to the bottom of the world.

Each time I read these stories, I find that I want to know even more about these people. I want to sit down over coffee and ask about how they came to Airdrie; what it is that stirs their souls; what they like to read; what makes them laugh … and cry.

While I may never get to know to that extent all the people who have graced the pages of our magazine, our wonderful writers and photographers have given us snapshots of their lives, so we do feel that we know them, at least a little bit, as our Airdrie neighbours.

So in homage to summer in Airdrie, grab an iced drink, sit down, turn the page and meet your neighbours.

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