Amazing Airdrie Women Awards 2016

Welcome to the sixth annual celebration of Airdrie’s amazing women! This is our favourite editorial piece of the year and we are proud to have created an event that inspires so many. The votes have been cast and the VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. Check out all of the amazing finalists here and don’t forget to get your tickets!

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Here are each of the categories to read up on and vote:

McKee Amazing Leadership Nominees 

Pureform Amazing Courage Nominees 

Hassett & Reid Amazing Determination Nominees 

The Store Upstairs Amazing Heart Nominees

AWBA Amazing Promise Nominees

Your vote counts for 50 per cent of the final decision. (Our sponsors, editorial team and previous recipients account for the other 50 per cent.) We will announce the recipients of each award at our Amazing Airdrie Women Luncheon May 6. Tickets are available HERE.

Special thank you to our amazing sponsors Pharmasave, The Store Upstairs, BMO Kingsview Market, Airdrie Women in Business, Hassett & Reid, McKee Homes and Pureform Radiology.

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