The Photo Sessions & The Look

The photo sessions

The photo shoot takes place over two nights and is my first chance to meet everyone face to face. It is one of my favourite experiences each year. Its my job to make them relax about having their photo taken and I do my best to get a laugh from each group at my own expense. (Sir Mix-a-Lot would roll his eyes).  We had some fun with the artefacts from the Nose Creek Valley Museum to tie in with our participation in the Women of Airdrie exhibit on now until June 15.

Sherry Shaw-Froggatt, Froggatt

The Look

Every year photographer Kristy Reimer and designer Kim Williams create the perfect visuals for this program. From chalk doodles to edible props to the impressive foldout panels (2018 and 2020), it is always a challenge to think of something fresh and these two talented women make this process a joy. Here are some of my favourite images from the last 10 years.