Vanessa Cormier, 15, has always been a cat lover, but the Grade 10 student takes her affection for felines to the next level. Her efforts began on her 10th birthday, when, instead of gifts, Cormier asked for money to donate to Tails to Tell, an animal shelter in Crossfield. Shortly after, she and a friend crafted yarn bracelets and sold them raising $475 for the shelter. Cormier’s presentation about Tells to Tell at her former school, Nose Creek Elementary, resulted in the school “adopting” the shelter. Years later, the school still holds fundraisers to raise money for the rescue. Cormier has also sold paintings and iced tea to earn money for her beloved cats. She volunteers at Tails to Tell every Sunday morning, changing bedding, taking care of litter boxes, and feeding the animals. She is also the proud new owner of a black shorthair recently adopted from the shelter. Cormier is just pleased that she can do something for the animals. “The cats at the shelter don’t have any home, and they need all the love they can get,” she says. “It makes me happy that they are getting the medicine, food and shelter that they need.”