Tricia Andres McDonald has an inspiring way of defining success. The owner of Orangetheory Fitness, which offers personal training, feels most fulfilled when she is helping others. Andres McDonald understands the importance of small acts of kindness, and strives to run her business with that in mind. “If you can have one small effect on a person, if you can have that one small touchpoint with them, that changes their day, and I ultimately think that trickles down,” she says. Orangetheory isn’t the first local business Andres McDonald has started. Inspired by a desire to help women feel comfortable in their bodies, she founded Sol Swimwear, helping women find the perfect suit at private fittings. Her goal was to take the fear out of swimsuit shopping. “It really is about helping people,” she says, noting she was brought up to be generous and help others whenever possible.  Although busy running four Orangetheory locations, Andres McDonald still takes time to give back. She was on the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce board for two years and organizes numerous fundraising events, such as adopting a family at Christmas. She also supports other local businesses, looking for collaboration whenever possible. Michael McDonald calls Tricia’s work inspiring. “Her belief that you can do anything you want, and her ability to create an environment where people want to succeed and be a part of the community, is truly an incredible thing to see,” he says.