A longtime swim coach with Nose Creek Swim Association and a fitness instructor, Robin Loyola knows the power of exercise to help her cope with life’s stressors. So when she was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year ago, Loyola determined that she would exercise through the treatment.

“I worked out through the chemo and radiation and never experienced the fatigue I expected. I didn’t suffer from depression … and I attribute that to exercise and keeping moving,” says Loyola.

Waiting for her many appointments amongst other patients, many of them seniors, Loyola wondered if there was an opportunity to promote fitness.

So Loyola began sending emails to numerous decision makers at the hospital and Alberta Health Services suggesting exercise equipment be available for cancer patients waiting for treatment.

Her idea was well received and stationary/recumbent bikes will likely go into the new cancer centre in Calgary.

“I knew how much exercise benefited me, and if it benefits someone else, it would be a great give back for all the wonderful treatment and support I received,” says Loyola.

Linda Bruce has nothing but praise for Loyola.

“Robin is amazing in many ways but it is her inspiration and positivity that sets her apart,” says Bruce.