There is no doubt that Robin Bishop has amazing promise. Bishop graduated from Bert Church High School in 2016 with the second highest academic average and is now a third year University of Calgary student in the Bachelor of Neuroscience Honours program. Despite Bishop’s academic success, the 20-year-old suffers from misophonia; a neurological disorder involving negative emotional responses evoked by certain sounds. Bishop, who developed misophonia as a teenager, not only struggles with living with the disorder, but also often struggles with some people not understanding the condition. Although Bishop endures these everyday challenges regarding misophonia, she has embraced the opportunity to pursue research into the condition with her neuroscience education. “I think it is rare that the person studying [a condition] has it,” she says. “I really think I can take advantage of knowing the disorder, unlike other misophonia researchers.” To that end, Bishop will be working on a thesis project with a neuroscientist at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute. While studying misophonia is one of Bishop’s main interests, she also wants to pursue further education in astrophysics, as well as her passion for art. Tania Schwartzenberger has high hopes for the brilliant young woman. “With Robin’s drive, determination, initiative, creativity and hard work, she shows amazing promise and could very well make the next big scientific breakthrough,” she says.