Kimberly Rose’s kindness has touched many local families. She is the face behind Airdrie Cares Facebook page, raises money for Airdrie Food Bank, organizes numerous fundraisers and advocates against domestic violence and bullying. For more than three years, she has provided food hampers for struggling families, often spending her own money to ensure up to 30 families don’t go hungry. Rose also runs the Children’s Christmas Market, which helps families have a wonderful holiday by providing a place for up to 300 kids whose families are struggling to pick out a gift for their moms and dads. “Often, it is the only gift the parent receives and it makes the kids so happy,” says Rose of her efforts, which involve gathering gifts and organizing about 30 volunteers. “It’s worth it to see the look on the kids’ faces.” Rose’s selflessness and hard work is being noticed, and not just by the families her kindness touches. Amanda Tozser describes Rose’s efforts in helping families in need as being “above and beyond.” Says Tozser: “She amazes me and all who know her. She has a heart of gold and is kind and wonderful to everyone she meets.”