When Kaidy Morgan’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer while Kaidy was on maternity leave, she realized a life change was in order. Formerly a full-time professional in strategic manpower planning, Morgan quit her job to help her mom, who is still beating the odds. Faced with the loss of income, Morgan began offering the meal plans she created for her family to subscribers for $2. In just over a week, she had 200 subscribers. She received feedback that while the meal plans were great, shopping and prep time was still an issue for many. That knowledge prompted Morgan to open Social Supper, a local business that does all the prep work, allowing clients to assemble healthy family meals quickly. Social Supper also caters to other food-based local businesses and charities like Kim Ford, the Souper Lady, who is thankful to use Morgan’s kitchen at no cost while creating the meals she donates. “[Morgan] is a strong, smart, funny and loving woman who inspires me to push through and persevere every day,” says Ford of Morgan. Morgan is excited about the success of Social Supper and offers words of wisdom to those who are unhappy at work. “We really have but a very fleeting time here,” she says. “To do something that doesn’t bring joy is [a mistake].”