Last year had a lot of ups and downs for Jordynne Miller, 21, but she rose above the challenges with grace. Just 10 days after her wedding day in January 2018, Miller’s new husband was pinned between two cars in a vehicle/pedestrian collision. He woke up in the hospital with his wife at his side, and that is where she has stayed throughout his ongoing recovery. Jolyn Miller is amazed by her daughter-in-law’s ability to smile through the hard times. “She is full of compassion, determination and kindness,” she says. In addition to working to help support her family and aiding her husband as he recovered, Jordynne found the time to lead a children’s choir at her church. She is also a talented artist who volunteered her skills to beautify Airdrie, painting a bench that sits in front of Airdrie Public Library. A Latter Day Saint, Miller attributes her empathetic nature and inner strength to her upbringing and faith. “My faith allowed me to just hunker down and hold strong…. It kept me in peace as things unfolded,” she says. “I have always tried to look out for others and treat everyone with kindness.”