Brandy Corcoran is a dance mom who challenges stigmas. Rather than pushing for her daughters to be in the limelight, Corcoran helps create an atmosphere in which every child can flourish. “We have the opportunity to make an impact on these children’s lives during a time of key development,” says Corcoran. “I want to promote teamwork and pride in self so they know you can create your environment to be what you want it to be.”

Corcoran sees dance as an opportunity to teach her daughters life lessons, such as although you are just one person, you can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

According to Stephanie Staniforth, owner of Elements Dance Co., Corcoran has made a positive impact on the studio by modelling how a dance parent should behave.

“Brandy goes absolutely above and beyond to help demonstrate and inspire the culture within our dance studio community; a culture which values respect, integrity, trust, commitment and excellence,” says Staniforth. “She has helped create a positive atmosphere.”

Corcoran is committed to helping each dancer develop a sense of their own power within their lives.

“We get to say the kind of person we want to be in the world and watch the impact,” says Corcoran. “This is our life and we get to determine how it goes.”