Life has thrown Beckie Lower a few curveballs, but the Airdrie mom’s determination has led her to explore entrepreneurship and real changes in life.

After 16 years in the oil-and-gas sector, Lower was stressed and overloaded. She made the difficult decision to leave the stressful world behind and pursue a career as a personal trainer.

She did all the right things: got business training through Airdrie’s SMARTstart program, and created a large network.

But the business didn’t create the life Lower wanted, so rather than feeling sorry for herself, she has been taking the time to reflect and pursue things that make her heart happy. .

“Confidence is like a muscle; you have to train it slowly,” says the active volunteer, noting fitness helped her gain that confidence.

“I just can’t give up; I won’t give up,” says Lower. “If I can inspire someone else, that makes me happy.”

Jo-Ann Scott-Noye is impressed with Lower’s tenacity.

“Beckie took a great leap of faith by leaving the corporate world behind to pursue her passion in fitness,” says Scott-Noye. “After she realized that this did not allow for work-life balance, she was open to other options.”