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airdrie economic development

Being born and raised in Airdrie I’ve seen our city grow and change in more ways than I can count. From the first traffic light to traffic circles, the rat hole to highway interchanges, the SAAN store to Wal-Mart, Airdrie is always on the move, getting bigger and better.

Served with a Side of Community

For the past 12 years, Trenton and Sasha Beday have been community builders in Airdrie with a strong passion and commitment to giving back.

Financial Life

Chris Friesen Airdrie

Retirement is something to which we look forward – a time of new adventures, challenges and hopefully more financial freedom.

Business Life

Kent Rupert

Not surprisingly, over the past few years, much of the coffee shop and online discussion is around the economy. Many believe the Alberta economy is starting to see an improvement while others are still feeling the effects of the downturn. In Airdrie, I have had many of those same discussions. In our community – like the rest of the province – we have seen residents lose their jobs due to weak global oil prices and some businesses close as a result of loss of revenue and spending cut-backs.

Financial Life

Sherry Jenkins, Airdrie

There is an incredible array of mortgages now available to Canadians. What many borrowers don’t realize is that the pricing of mortgages and other loans is based in part on their credit-worthiness. Consumers need to be aware of how their credit is evaluated by lenders, and how they can work to avoid so-called “bruised credit.” The good news is that by taking a few basic precautions, prospective borrowers can protect their credit report and credit score.


Airdrie financial planner

If you are like most Canadians, you probably spent more time researching your last vacation than reviewing your finances. And while vacations are important, so are the benefits of a financial plan.


Shay Barker, City of Airdrie

A whole community is an attractive community – to visitors, potential residents, potential new businesses and investors.

businesslife with Kent Rupert

Kent Rupert

In October of 2016, the Airdrie Business Resource Partnership (ABRP) received the “Above and Beyond” Award from the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) for the great success of the SMARTstart program. This program has become such a success because of the people who envisioned it, entrepreneurs brave enough to chase their dreams and the local businesses that give their time as mentors and sponsors.

How are we growing?

Airdrie Economic Development

The future of business in Airdrie, and the future of the city itself, was put under the spotlight at Airdrie’s first Economic Development and Investment Summit. Hosted by Airdrie Economic Development and the City of Airdrie, the one-day event at the Hampton Inn & Suites brought in experts to discuss topics including how retail can adapt to the online world; sustainable development; how the City addresses future planning; and the value of placemaking and urban design.

financiallife with Melody McClain

Melody McClain, Airdrie

The air is cold. The snow has fallen. As we sit and dream of warm sand and drinks with umbrellas, we realize, yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to get ready for taxes! As your stomach sinks at the thought, take heart.

Entrepreneurs in Training

Twenty-one entrepreneurs representing 17 businesses are busy working their way through the 2016 SMARTstart program. The program provides passionate, budding entrepreneurs with online business skills training, in-person workshops and mentorship. Connecting the entrepreneurs with a local mentor is one of the most important aspects of the program.

Creative Space

airdrielife office

Welcome to the offices of airdrielife! Yes we are small home-based business. People are always surprised to hear, but the “we” has always consisted of a core group of incredibly talented freelance writers, photographers, editors, sales and graphic designers who all have home offices.


Eight easy steps to organized finances. Eight simple steps are all it takes to get your finances organized this summer.


Vision – a concept that both businesses and residents alike probably use regularly.

Cool Jobs

Everyone fantasizes about landing their dream job. Here are a couple of Airdrie residents who have made their dreams a reality.

Connect and Communicate

Connect and communicate

Twenty minutes from Airdrie, off the beaten path and secluded in trees, is Silver Valley Ranch. These vast 160 acres are operated by Meagan and Kyle Saum and their three young children.

Airdrie Advantage

airdrie advantage

For 20 years, Airdrie-based Rangeland Conservation Service Ltd. has helped oil and gas companies, municipalities and others keep track of the ever-changing world of environmental policies and regulations.


Kent Rupert

Now is the time for innovation. Last year saw several changes to the Canadian and Albertan landscapes. With new political leadership, continually decreasing oil prices, and a plummeting Canadian dollar…

Businesses that Care

WestMark Holdings

For many Airdrie-area businesses, giving back to the community is as important as providing services and goods. Here are just a few examples of local businesses that care.


Kent Rupert

Jobs well done. Every fall the Airdrie business community comes together to celebrate.


It always amazes me when I get to see firsthand how local businesses adapt and change with challenges that are presented to them, whether it’s a downturn in the economy, increased competition or rising costs.


christine joan sandi tracy-s

Small business plays an important role in our local economy. Airdrie is home to just over 1,800 licensed Airdrie-based businesses. Of that, 99 per cent have fewer than 100 employees (consistent with the Canadian percentage). A further 86 per cent of Airdrie businesses have less than 10 employees. And, more than 58 per cent of local businesses operate from a home – 24 per cent of those businesses are interested in one day moving to a storefront location.

Cool Jobs


From flight paths to football passes … meet guys who made cool career choices Capt. Bruce Peters, pilot On a regular basis Capt. Bruce Peters can be waking up in Airdrie, Vancouver, Chicago or a hot-spot destination in the Caribbean or the Hawaiian islands. With more than 17,000 hours under his belt, the WestJet pilot has the ultimate frequent-flier-miles occupation. But with those perks comes huge responsibilities on a daily basis. “My schedule really varies


Kent Rupert

This year started out with such headlines as: Housing sales slide; More job layoffs and What does $40 oil mean? If you ask anyone who has lived in Alberta for several years, you’ll likely hear: “We’ve been here before and will get through it.” There’s a general optimism that oil prices will come back. It is just a matter of when. What does this mean for Airdrie? For those families affected by the drop in

Food Truck King

Wilk's booth

An acquaintance arriving at the coffee shop for his morning mud detours to where Sean Wilkie is sitting to ask him about his new competition. “My new competition?” Wilkie asks. “The perogy truck,” he’s told. “Not exactly competition,” says Wilkie. “They serve perogies and I serve burgers.” And hand-cut french fries, poutine in various styles and chicken to go with his tasty burgers of all varieties. The 34-year-old Airdrie man is in his third season operating

This Job Really Soars

arial shot

Like many a young boy, Rob Ganzeveld loved playing with model airplanes. Little did he know he’d someday be making a living flying state-of-the-art remote-controlled aircraft in the skies over Alberta. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a.k.a. drones, have arrived on the scene in a big way in recent years. Commercially, their applications seem almost endless, with Amazon recently testing UAVs in B.C. in hopes of using them to deliver packages, and for folks like Ganzeveld,

Airdrie Women Mean Business

Jayne Kirby

Last fall, for the first time, all four winners of the Airdrie Business Awards were female. And according to the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, between 2001 and 2011 the number of self-employed women jumped by 23 per cent, compared to 14 per cent for men.

life at work

Airdrie’s amazing women can be found in all walks of life – including careers where as recently as 20 years ago women rarely ventured. Here are three examples of local women blazing new trails.


Every once in a while in a community you will get business owners or leaders who will make a difference, not only to their organizations but to the community and to all the lives that they have touched.

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