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Un“tapped” Market

Fitzsimmons Brewing Co., Airdrie

If you’re a beer drinker, you might not realize it, but a 2013 change in Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) licensing policies opened a whole new world of beers to you. That very same law also helped Airdrie lay claim to its first microbrewery.

Gone to the Dogs

Airdrie Puppy Pals

Nikki Nordick has turned a passion for dogs into a thriving business in Airdrie. Airdrie Puppy Pals, which was incorporated in 2015 with the daycare opening in October of that year, actually started just as an online community.

Money life

Axiom Mortgage Solutions

More Canadians than ever are purchasing second homes. No longer just for the wealthy, second-home ownership has gone mainstream.

Business Best

The 2017 Airdrie Business Awards celebrated a record number of finalists in six categories at the Bert Church Theatre October 20, and the business owners who emerged at the top were humbled and moved by their recognition.

The Mentor

Sid VanderMeer Airdrie

For the past three years, aspiring entrepreneurs in Airdrie have been given a boost from a unique training program that utilizes the skills and experience of successful mentors like retired businessman Sid Van der Meer.

20 Years of Learning

Ken Hauck from Academy of Learning for Airdrie Life Magazine. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

The Academy of Learning Career College in Airdrie is preparing for growth as it moves into a new technology program that will help students achieve their goals.

Stitching Sisters

Crochet Airdrie

We posed some questions to crafty sisters Megan and Alana Looke to find out what keeps this duo in stitches. The sisters are the creative minds behind Megan and Alana’s Crochet Creations, a local business that specializes in handcrafted wearable items, which can be purchased at the Airdrie Farmers Market every Wednesday until Thanksgiving.


Many of us set goals in our lives whether it’s planning for a trip, new car or even a house. We are taught as children that we should always have goals and are encouraged to reach them throughout our lives.

An idea that floats

Ascension Float Centre for Airdrie Life Magazine.

For Rian Levick and Harley Harper, it only took one float to change their lives completely. Now, the duo have taken their passion for the therapy and turned it into their first business, Ascension Float.

Evolving and succeeding

Evolve Surface Strategies

Airdrie-based Evolve Surface Strategies has experienced phenomenal growth in the past 10 years, has muscled through the recent economic downturn and is now poised to expand its operations even more. In the first year of its operation in 2007, the right-of-way firm had 1,160 employee hours generated for clients. This year, it is forecasting that number to climb to 62,500 hours.

Getting SMARTer

Airdrie is home to more than 50 well-prepared entrepreneurs thanks to a program called SMARTstart. The program offers tools, training, mentorship and business planning to about 20 people each year. SMARTstart, completed over an eight-month period, helps new and prospective business owners survive, and thrive, during the crucial first years.


At first glance, the following three businesses have little in common. One is geared toward young children. One is for beer-loving adults. And the third is for businesses owners. But what all three entrepreneurs share is a passion for their community and a love for what they do.

The magic behind the mountain

Magic Mountain Child Development Centres, Airdrie

Jane Anderson moved to southern Alberta with the idea of returning to farm life. Twenty-five years later, Anderson is still in business as the owner of the Magic Mountain Child Development Centres.

The Best of the Year


The best and brightest of Airdrie’s small business community were honoured at the 2016 Airdrie Business Awards.

The Artful Spa

Anna's Spa & Wellness

Kal Sadra and Anna Sadra, owners of Anna’s Spa & Wellness, had a vision for their wellness rooms when they started renovating their popular spa oasis in downtown Airdrie.

The Pokémon GO phenomenon

Kent Rupert

Over the summer, a tech application called Pokémon GO exploded onto the market, only to be downloaded more than 30 million.

Mother Hens

Mother Hens

Two area women turn to organic farming and sow a successful business. A gang of friendly turkeys roamed free at Sage Creek Permaculture for a spell last fall.

Award Winning Vet

Award winning Vet

A “where-is-she-now” look at a previous airdrielife profile. Dr. Wendy McClelland has come a long way since she and her husband advertised her new mobile veterinarian business by distributing 1,000 flyers door-to-door in Airdrie.

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