Served with a Side of Community

For the past 12 years, Trenton and Sasha Beday have been community builders in Airdrie with a strong passion and commitment to giving back.

The couple, who own two Dairy Queens with a third on the way, have for years been generous citizens helping people in Airdrie and elsewhere in a number of ways.

“When you give back, you’re just part of your community. We take pride in employing people that live in our community. People have to step up. It’s hard nowadays,” says Trenton.

We don’t really like to talk about the things we do, but I guess sometimes you have to talk about what you do to get other people engaged to do the same.

And with that attitude the Bedays are setting a shining example for the rest of the community of how you can give back in a helpful way that impacts numerous people.

For example, one of their main initiatives is in baseball. Trenton and Sasha have sponsored the sport for many years. Every child under the age of nine wears a Dairy Queen uniform. That works out to about 330 young baseball players every year.

And why did the Bedays choose baseball over other sports to outfit the young athletes?

“Tim Hortons and McDonalds do such a great job with the other groups. There was a need for baseball,” says Trenton.

The Bedays know that their generosity helps drive business to their restaurants located on Edmonton Trail and Market Street. The third one is being built in Cooper’s Crossing and will open in mid-December.

Today, the two Dairy Queens employ about 65 people and that will balloon to about 95 when the third store opens.

One of the couple’s important initiatives is being involved with the annual Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day, which helps support the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.

Trenton says more than $30,000 was raised this year between the two stores, and in the past four years, the fundraising event, which is held nationally, has raised more than $100,000 through the Airdrie stores.

And the day before the annual event the Bedays take refreshing Blizzard treats to very appreciative kids who are in the hospital.

The Airdrie Dairy Queen stores also support other initiatives, including the food bank, and have partnered with law enforcement on a very unique idea.

They provide law enforcement officials in Airdrie with Dilly Bar or ice cream cone coupons so they can hand them out as good citizen citations to people who are doing the right things in the community.

“It’s just positive reinforcement,” says Trenton, who grew up in the Okanagan and has been in Airdrie for 20 years. Sasha is originally from Lethbridge.

“Being part of the community is very important to us.”

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