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Our publisher gives you a look inside her office and what inspires her every day

Welcome to the offices of airdrielife! Yes we are small home-based business. People are always surprised to hear, but the “we” has always consisted of a core group of incredibly talented freelance writers, photographers, editors, sales and graphic designers who all have home offices. (Thank god for Dropbox – our virtual office!)

Because this is our arts issue, I thought it might be fun to share what I look at every day to demonstrate that I do really surround myself with creativity.

My view from my desk – I get the morning sun (or so I am told I am never up that early!). My walls are painted a deep red (those that know me, know beige is not in my vocabulary) – I wanted space that reflected creativity so I have been filling the walls over the years with very special pieces of art – family pictures, magazine covers, local artists and mementos of my travels.


See if you can spot items 1 to 7!

1) Black and white retro looking prints of my daughters when they were involved in dance in Airdrie.

2) The original artwork by Lia Golemba from the 2015 fall cover – our first illustrated cover.

3) My daughter Ali was a cover model so we could showcase Amanda Tozser’s exceptional body painting.

4) The flower vase on my desk is a thank you for a feature we did on potter Stacey McIntyre.

5) A set of small prints by Veronica Funk. I own several more pieces by her – one of my favourite artists I have the distinct pleasure of being friends with.

6) My daughter Jeanine writes the most eloquent letters and cards to me – a lost art.

7) Crazy crayon art by a young boy who was selling his art at one of the first ARTember festivals. He was in an arts entrepreneur program. Of course I had to support him!

DSC_00688) Muk Luks and Magpies made me several sample pieces showing how my logo would look on glass coasters and platters – way too cool. (I couldn’t give them away).

9) Artist Michelle Wiebe made this awesome frog painting for me as a thank you for a profile we did on her. (One of my favourite perks of the job).

10) The 10th anniversary poster features all 30 covers up to 2013.

11) A water colour I bought from a street artist in front of the Boboli Gardens in Florence Italy. My husband and I buy art whenever we travel so the rest of our home is filled with memories from places as far away as Australia and as close to home as Canmore. And of course out on my front porch is one of the incredible AIRdirondack chairs.

DSC_005212) Bob Harriman painted this sweet piece on canvas – I bid on it at the Empty Bowls Festival several years ago.

13) A reminder of what I am to accomplish each day hangs above the office door.

14) I have been privileged to receive several awards since starting airdrielife. They are all tucked into the corner – proudly displayed but not “in your face” if you are visiting my office. Of course mingling with the awards are reminders of what matters most – family.

Does your work space inspire you? Share with me and you might be featured in a future issue! PS. My office is NEVER this clean. I faked it really well for the photos!

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