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Airdrie is “Above and Beyond”

In October of 2016, the Airdrie Business Resource Partnership (ABRP) received the “Above and Beyond” Award from the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) for the great success of the SMARTstart program.

This program has become such a success because of the people who envisioned it, entrepreneurs brave enough to chase their dreams and the local businesses that give their time as mentors and sponsors.

There are many programs and people in the community that go “above and beyond” to assist in improving peoples’ lives. We have seen Grade 10 students get the experience and education of building houses through the Building Futures program; the Health Foundation who advocated tirelessly to bring 24-hour health care to Airdrie; and we now have a group that has joined forces to look at health care in a new way – through the lens of a health co-operative. All of these examples are created in Airdrie, for Airdrie and are grassroots based.

There are so many who work hard for what they believe is right and to move our community forward. They go to their place of work, they run their businesses, and they accomplish the goals they set out to complete. Sometimes they are successful in the vision and other times they are required to start again and learn from their mistakes.

I have the fortune, like many, to work with people in the community and at the City who work tirelessly and passionately to try to make Airdrie the best place it can be. They do this because they want to and because they see the potential. They choose to serve a greater vision of our community in ensuring that Airdrie is a great place to live, now and into the future.

I had the honour of accepting this award on behalf of the ABRP and everyone associated with the SMARTstart program, and it made me reflect on all the people and businesses that truly go “above and beyond” every day to make Airdrie better.

These individuals are not necessarily recognized for what they do through awards or recognitions. It is the business owners who decide that Airdrie is the place to set up operation and choose to donate to fundraisers and not-for-profits, not concerned if they see the return of their investment. It is the volunteers that help mentor and support others to achieve their dreams or volunteer their time to organizations to see them become successful. And it is the City staff who make sure we have the vision that reflects the needs of our community, have water to our taps, safe roads on which to drive, public places and parks in which to meet and relax, and a community of which we want to be proud.

There are many in Airdrie who go “above and beyond” every day, and I challenge you to seek out those individuals, volunteers, businesses and City staff, and thank them for helping to make Airdrie the great place that it is and is going to be.

Let me be the first to say…. THANK YOU, AIRDRIE!

Kent Rupert is Airdrie Economic Development Team Leader. 

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