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Indulge your cravings at one of Airdrie’s specialty shops dedicated to tasty treats and delectable delights.


The Avenue Cakery and Bakeshoppe in Airdrie offers a wonderful assortment of quality handcrafted cakes, pies, cupcakes and cookies. (Photo by Wyatt Tremblay)

The Avenue Cakery & Bakeshoppe

“I love feeding people, I love making beautiful things. I love making people happy,” says Debi Macleod, owner of the Avenue Cakery and Bakeshoppe.

The compact store on Main Street has tempting displays laden with what you’d expect.

A pastry chef, Macleod offers gracefully decorated cupcakes made from carrot, vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cake, all crowned with butter, chocolate or cream cheese icing. –The display cases have a tasty assortment of cookies, sweet breads and pies – including chocolate and pecan – and wooden boxes filled with row upon row of made-from-scratch French macaroons in a rainbow of colours and flavours.

And then there are the cakes. Specialty cakes, artfully sculpted with fondant or icing, and made to order with handcrafted toppers that are completely edible.

One of her adult daughters does most of the specialty decorating, and Macleod has seen her create amazing cakes that look like toolboxes, ladybugs and of course, characters from Disney’s Frozen.

Macleod opened the bakery as a hobby in 2009, but it has since grown to employ 10 people “who are all talented and make amazing things.”

Drizzzles Candy Store

Chocolatier Adila Faheem owner of Drizzzles poses in her candy store in Airdrie on Friday, March 4, 2016. Faheem has been running her business on Main Street for the past three years. (Photo by Liam Quinn)

Drizzzles Candy Shop

Enter this gem on Main Street and you’ll discover a scrumptious, colourful world of handcrafted chocolates and fudge, as well as candy galore from Bertie Bott’s Beans to Pink Candy Popcorn.

Owner and chocolatier Adila Faheem, whose sweet-toothed emporium beckons to children of all ages, is excited about recent changes she’s made.

“The store is larger, and we’re doing soft serve (ice cream) now. We have 24 flavours,” she says with a laugh.

However, ice cream isn’t the only new confection she’s serving up.

“The biggest thing is my single-origin chocolate,” says Faheem.

Her creations are made from 70 per cent French chocolate, which her supplier purchases as cocoa beans from an individual farmer or from a single plantation. Depending on where they are grown, the beans can have different flavours, tastes and aromas.

“If one is grown surrounded by nuts, it’ll have a nutty flavour,” she explains.

It’s more expensive, but Faheem is committed to making quality chocolates.

“If you have to eat something, you have to eat good.”

Just as important, however, is the glow on the faces of young and old as they walk into Drizzzles.

“It’s amazing,” Faheem says. “The kids who walk in here, their faces are all lit up.”

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