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Airdrie restaurants

Great flavours abound this spring from Airdrie’s best TASTE purveyors!

Big Batch Salads

Airdrie Food Bank

Staying on top of what to take for lunches or having healthy options ready to go can seem intimidating. Try these big-batch salads to give yourself a head start on a busy week!


Airdrie sommelier

Shopping for a special bottle doesn’t have to be a gamble. Using this quick strategy, it can be easy to identify a high quality bottle of wine from a generic one.

In the Kitchen with Meghan West

largest pic

Recipes that can adapt to changing seasons or special occasions are something I love! Using your pantry to keep stocked up for basic recipes that you can adapt and play with can be both a space and money saver.



The weather may be getting miserable, but take heart, Airdrie; we’ve got a lot of good excuses to get out of the house and into some of Airdrie’s best foodie experiences.

Farm to Table

First & Vine Airdrie

Airdrie’s restaurants are starting to embrace the farm-to-table movement, and their commitment to locally sourced ingredients have our mouths watering with each bite.

In the Kitchen

Airdrie Food Bank

I like to keep a few burritos tucked away in the freezer for busy nights or hectic mornings to ensure I have a quick, healthy option on hand.


Hayloft Airdrie

A round up of what’s new and happening with our TASTEairdrie partners.

Finding balance in a food truck

There’s a new red food truck making the rounds in Airdrie, with a menu much like its owner – bold, confident and just plain fun. Amit Arora owns Damit Amit, That’s Tasty, and this affable Airdrian has a recipe for success.

Taste Airdrie

Airdrie restaurants

Summer time means ice-cold beverages, fresh produce and grilled goodies. And our Airdrie restaurants are nailing the summer menu and entertaining experience perfectly.

In the Kitchen

Airdrie cooking

My go-to berries are a mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. The lemon juice and berries create a tangy-sweet treat for hot summer days. Use your favourite berries and even try out flavoured yogurt!



Welcome to a whole new way to explore the good life in Airdrie by keeping up with Airdrie’s top chefs, foodies, and enthusiasts. Watch this space regularly for what’s cooking around town, great ideas for your own dinner table or tempting reasons to dine out more often. From fas-cas to farm-to-table, filling your growler or filling your freezer, TASTEairdrie is for foodies!

In the Kitchen

Airdrie Rotary Community Kitchen

Meghan West from the Airdrie Rotary Community Kitchen is back with a delicious recipe for Coconut Red Lentil Curry.

Community Kitchen cooks up some love

Airdrie Food Bank

The Community Kitchen was developed to enable Airdrie Food Bank to extend its services beyond emergency-only support, by empowering community members and clients through kitchen programs that not only build food skills, but strengthen support networks.

Fine food without the “frou-frou”

Hayloft, Airdrie

A century-old door greets every guest who comes to Hayloft in Airdrie. Its gorgeous wood panels and inlaid glass diamonds have been lovingly restored by restaurant owner Hoan Nguyen (pronounced Haan Nuwin). And like everything in this charming eatery, there’s a story behind it.

A Fine Balance Café: spicing things up

Indian restaurant Airdrie

With gentle but powerful strokes, Chef Deepak Kalsi stirs a vat of hot red curry that’s been simmering overnight in the Fine Balance kitchen. In his smart white chef’s uniform, and a turban wrapped around his head, the young Sikh chef massages the curry with a giant wooden spoon.

The New Burger Baron

Abe’s creates the fas-cas dining experience. Bernie Levert is accustomed to seeing folks enter Abe’s Restaurant, walk right past the front counter and the giant menu, take a seat at a booth and start tapping on their phones.

Chocolate Cravings


With all the doom and gloom in the headlines, unpredictable weather and stress at work, it’s nice to know one thing never changes.

Getting Social at Sorso

Having no beans to grind with franchise beverage outfits, the head-shaved, healthy-bearded entrepreneur escaped the ordinary fare, putting his personal touch on every aspect.

Salad Days

“I sat there with my eyelids slowly closing so as to really embrace the flavours that were being presented to me.” With the Airdrie’s best burger review behind me, I am now on a mission for Airdrie’s best gourmet salad! Is there a salad out there that will make me cuss like a sailor? Probably…. I woke up in the early morning, knowing I was going to fulfill my salad curiosities starting today! I softly

The Seal of Creativity

Chef puts his personal flair in every dish What started out as a simple recipe to make money slowly simmered into a seasoned love of the culinary arts for Tony Dunstan. The Red Seal chef currently stirs up his gastronomic skills at the Overtime Lounge. But this pub-food atmosphere cuisine is a long way from Dunstan’s beginnings. “I started working very young and was 13 when I started in the first restaurant. By 17 I

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