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The Colour of Emotion

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“People think you just slap colour down on canvas, but it’s much more than that,” says Airdrie artist Verone Solilo. “Every brushstroke has a purpose, every colour a meaning.”

ARTS in the spotlight

Airdrie Mayor's Night of the Arts

The fourth annual TD Airdrie Mayor’s Night of the Arts was a resounding success with 250 people in attendance to honour and celebrate Airdrie’s arts community. From the free-flowing prosecco to the exotic Moroccan decor, the evening was one of Airdrie’s best event nights as declared by so many in attendance.

For the Kids!

Families are invited to attend a youth-friendly event at Nose Creek Park on May 26 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We’ve Got Talent

Lia Golemba

On Jan. 27, 2018, Airdrie celebrates the arts and culture community with a gala bash at the Bert Church Theatre honouring 21 finalists and presenting awards for Patron and Champion of the Arts, Youth, Emerging and Professional Artist and Arts Educator.

Painting with Light

Walk into Kevin Kellar’s home and two things become obvious: it’s a gallery for his art, and a showcase for a lifelong fascination with light. What Kellar does as an artist involves photography, but the camera is simply a medium.

All Fired Up

Kelly Proulx from Shining Studio Pottery for Airdrie Life Magazine. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

Airdrie potter Kelly Proulx is putting the finishing touches on her latest teapot. It’s like something you’d find in a Disney movie – the pot itself is diamond-shaped, with diamond quilting on the outside, and spots all the way up the spout.

Capturing Memories

Airdrie art

Armed with a Nikon D610, a tripod and a light meter, photographer Darryl Bernsten likes to start days off from his job as head chef of HeatherGlen Golf Course when no one is around.

Art’s BIG Night

Hatters perform pas de deux, Airdrie.

The third annual TD Airdrie Mayor’s Night of the Arts was a landmark night for the arts in Airdrie.

Creative Celebration

The adjudicators had a big job. That’s the verdict after reviewing 39 nominations for the 2017 TD Airdrie Mayor’s Night of the Arts.

Ed Auston: As the wood turns

Artist Ed Auston, Airdrie

Artist Ed Auston, a member of the indigenous Tlingit people, was born in the Yukon. His business name is Tthay Natal, which is also his indigenous name, and means Eagle Soaring. Ed’s ties to the North run deep; there’s even a mountain named after his father, who was a wilderness outfitter.

Colouring Canada

Artist Brenda Campbell's brushes

An artist for many years, Brenda Jean Campbell now wonders if she might become best known for her Canadiana colouring book. With her large body of work, which includes fine art, public art, commercial art and design, and much more, that is unlikely.

Hall of Ink & Art

Elizabeth Hall for Airdrie Life Magazine. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

Elizabeth Hall grew up in Cape Breton where, she says, “everything is art oriented.” Her first mentor was her grandfather. “If he bought a card from the store, he would decorate it and change it and make it his own,” she says.

Wyatt’s World


This issue, airdrielife took advantage of the considerable talent of one of its own, cartoon artist/journalist Wyatt Tremblay, by having him illustrate the cover. He was honoured and says it was a lot of fun.

Cutting Edge Artist

A lifelong interest in building things has led to a calling to produce fine art pieces celebrated for their beauty and use of light.

To the Point

To the Point - Erin Brekke Conn

“My art means everything to me,” says Airdrie artist Erin Brekke Conn. “Besides my husband and family, it’s the biggest thing.” Conn, who says she always drew as a child and fondly remembers watching her grandmother paint, didn’t create her first painting until she was 20…

A Night for the Arts

A Night for the Arts - professional award

The second annual TD Airdrie Mayor’s Night of the Arts was resounding success if gauged by the growing attendance and interest in the awards program.

Let there be lights!

Twenty years of glow is being celebrated this December in Nose Creek Park. airdrielife explores the roots of the largest outdoor walk-through light show in Western Canada.

Artist Profile


Originally from Ontario, potter Stacey McIntyre moved to Airdrie seven years ago. McIntyre commutes to Calgary for her day job in advertising but creating beautiful pottery is her passion and salvation. “Advertising is about business so there’s a lot of stress,” she says. “Pottery is my opposite. It’s my escape. It keeps me sane.”

Lia’s Lines


Creative director for her company, Pink Spot Studios, for the past 13 years, artist, wife and mother Lia Golemba leads a busy life, full of the things she loves. Her ‘day job’ with Pink Spot involves art direction and graphic design, mostly branding, as she meets the creative needs of clients in Canada and the U.S.

Framed for Success

The first painting Brad Holt sold began as a photo he took of some wild horses near the Morley reserve west of Cochrane. Much to his surprise, it went for $300. That was three years ago. “I thought, ‘Wow, 300 bucks! I can really do this!” Holt recalls. “Then, my dream was to sell one for $1,000. Now, they are just skyrocketing. “It’s not about the money for me, though, because it’s my passion,” he

TD Airdrie Mayor’s Night of the Arts

A celebration of arts and culture Arts and culture is thriving in Airdrie so it was time to celebrate the achievements of artists and performers and the people and businesses that champion and support the arts. More than 240 guests celebrated the inaugural Mayor’s Night of the Arts at Bert Church Theatre Jan 31. The evening, organized by the Creative Airdrie Society in partnership with Airdrie Regional Arts, SLAM in Airdrie, Nose Creek Players, Airdrie Public

Worth a Look

An art career begins to blossom “I think the best art makes people feel things and that’s what I want my art to do,” says artist Rebecca Shuttleworth. “I want people to experience things that they don’t really think about.” Born and raised in Balzac, Shuttleworth graduated from George McDougall High School in June 2014, but even at this early stage of her artist’s journey, she is making a name for herself. From Grades 9-12

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