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Dogs are amazing, aren’t they? They’re our friends, companions and a big part of our lives. As much as we help them, they help us. Dogs study us in a more advanced way than we have them. They understand us on deeper levels than we can even begin to understand them.

Our canine friends help us in our daily lives by being that soft, cuddle buddy with whom we can snuggle and share our love, but they also play an important role in guarding and protecting us. They can be trained to help us in important ways like being police, therapy or service dogs. Dogs have deeper senses than humans that allow them to take care of us in ways we never could, like warning us of epileptic seizures, and sniffing out cancers. Some say dogs can even smell hormonal or biochemical changes indicating something different happening inside of us. Even with the best of technology today, there are no man-made warning systems for these situations. Dogs really are amazing!

My own dog, a nine-year-old springer spaniel cross named C.J., saved my life. C.J. was always a very snuggly dog, but she started randomly licking and laying on the right side of my neck. After a couple weeks passed of not feeling the best, I went to see my doctor. C.J. had been telling me that I was forming an aneurysm of my carotid artery! It was only a few millimetres from causing a major stroke and certainly death due to its location. She saved my life! How did she know?

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell but more than that, they tell us when there is a change that makes them concerned for us.

As a child, I was always fascinated by animals and loved learning about how they’re always helping humans. I decided being a veterinarian was the best way for me to help them. Now as a veterinarian, I am always very grateful that they will allow me to help them even though I must often rely on diagnostic testing rather than my “senses.”

To this day, dogs continue to amaze me. I love hearing stories about how their amazing abilities or “sixth sense” has saved other people’s lives, just like mine. Please feel free to drop by Happy Paws some time to share any stories with me about how your pets have saved or changed your lives!

Dr. Kim Barclay is a veterinarian with Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic.

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