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Meet the Challengers!

airdrielife is pleased to partner with U Weight Loss and Tri Fit Training to bring you the 2016 edition of our Last 20 Pounds Fitness Challenge. It’s more than a weight-loss contest; it’s about finding balance and a healthy lifestyle and making changes that last. Follow along as we take three Airdrians on a new health journey.

Lana Lou Cochrane says she generally has healthy habits: she eats well, drinks water and walks three miles three times per week. Despite her good choices, Lana feels tired all the time and craves the energy she once had. She feels like she has hit a plateau with this last 20 pounds and doesn’t know how to break through it. This challenger’s goal is to boost her energy and feel good looking in the mirror.

Jessica Janes has been on a journey with her body over the past few years. She was delighted to welcome a son but disappointed and upset when unable to add to her family again. Jessica’s worked through her emotions and is ready to love her body once more. This challenger is happy in her life and knows losing weight and feeling great is the last piece of the puzzle for her.

Jay Restar is a registered nurse with admittedly no exercise routine – in fact, he calls it a “Couch Potato” routine! He has bravely battled his weight and wants to win for himself and his family. Jay doesn’t want to follow in his family’s history of diabetes and cardiac problems; instead, this challenger wants to be a father who is full of energy and excited to play with his son.

Each of our contestants expressed a desire to learn healthy habits they can take with them through their lives. They want to build routines and knowledge, not only to life a healthy and happy life for themselves, but for their families.

The team at U Weight Loss will provide challengers with top quality supplements to ensure their bodies get what they need, as well as nutritionally balanced recipes that use real food from the grocery store. During their weekly coaching meetings, challengers will talk with their health coach about what has worked well and where they need more guidance.

Tri Fit Training will work with the challengers once a week in a private training session as well as encourage them to attend their group classes throughout the week. The goal of the physical training isn’t just to lose weight, but to build muscle and strengthen the body. Tri Fit puts focus into technique and form to ensure a strong foundation from which to build.

Lana_8773 Lana_8779Lana

Age: 47
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 180.5 lbs
Chest: 40”
Waist: 39.5”
Midsection: 40”
Hips: 41.5”
L Arm: 13.5”
R Arm: 13”
L Thigh: 27.5”
R Thigh: 27.5”


Age: 32
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 188 lbs
Chest: 40.5”
Waist: 36.75”
Midsection: 40.5”
Hip: 44.25”
L Arm: 13”
R Arm: 13.25”
L Thigh: 24”
R Thigh: 24”


Age: 34
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 202.8 lbs
Chest: 46”
Waist: 41.5”
Midsection: 42”
Hip: 42.5”
L Arm: 15.5”
R Arm: 15.5”
L Thigh: 23.5”
R Thigh: 24”



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