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Sherry Shaw-Froggatt, Airdrie

This winter issue was a struggle for me. I just wasn’t “feeling the joy” of publishing in the months and weeks leading up to our press date (way back on Oct. 30 to you reading now).

And then I met 11 remarkable young people. On a sunny fall afternoon, one by one, they stepped shyly in front of the camera to pose for their photo and I got to learn a little more about each of them and see why their glowing letters of recommendation were so true.

The results helped reawaken my joy. Starting on page 82 we introduce you to our first-ever Awesome Airdrie Kids Award recipients. They were each nominated by teachers, parents, family and friends for a variety of reasons; leadership, spirit, grit, creativity, you name it, but they all had something even more important … compassion.

We adults who are jaded and inundated with negativity and general unruliness (just take a peek on social media) could do with a healthy dose of the attitudes of these youngsters. I find them overwhelmingly refreshing in their outlooks on life. They believe in kindness. They believe in sharing. Too often those things we learn in kindergarten are lost on us as we rush about to make a living, raise a family and just tread water in the busy ocean of life.

I hope this winter you can take a moment out to just “float” with the current and that this current takes you to a comfy chair for a little ‘you’ time. Where you sit with your favourite mug of java or glass of wine and read about these kids and so many other inspirational people featured in this issue. From the humble Aaron Dell and the driven Thomas Hulsman each pursing their dream, to the unsung heroes of refereeing, I invite you to get to know a bit more about your neighbours here on the page and then get out and make new friends (not Facebook friends!) in your neighbourhood. And when you are out shovelling your own sidewalk, tackle the one next door – it builds muscles and compassion.

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