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Sherry Shaw-Froggatt, Airdrie

This issue is exploding with arts and culture. The Bert Church Theatre has more than 30 shows booked this season; Airdrie has two very active community theatre groups; a local film festival; a major songwriting competition; a full slate of activities at our library; AND we celebrate Alberta Culture Days with the return of a full 23 days of arts activities with ARTember!

At airdrielife we talk about culture as how it permeates all aspects of our lives; how we dress, what we eat, how we decorate our homes and offices, our streetscapes, our parks, how we spend our free time, the classes and courses and hobbies we take up and even the careers we pursue.

A sign of a city with a maturing sense of culture is one with plenty of spaces and opportunities for creative industries to flourish and I am not just talking about theatres and libraries, but independent restaurants, coffee shops, studios and funky retail shops. I am very excited that our first pop-up art gallery and market opens for October/November featuring the artists of the Airdrie Regional Arts Society.

The local cultural industry is more than paints and brushes as you will discover in this issue. Celebrate our up-and-coming citizens who are making the arts their vocation in Ones to Watch and learn more about farm-to-table goodness. Watch for a special feature on Airdrie’s flourishing writing scene in our winter issue.

I have had the privilege of sitting on the steering committee for the City of Airdrie Cultural Master Plan. At some point all of the information we have culled, reviewed, discussed and debated will be presented to the community for their input and then to council with our recommendations. It is my deepest wish that we stop talking about arts and culture and start DOING. If we continue at our growth rate we will be a city of more than 100,000 by 2027. We need to start acting like that city, not only on the arts front but across the entire spectrum of needs for a city that size.

This summer we launched the Anne Beaty Memorial Scholarship for Journalism and Communications. We are pleased to celebrate Anne’s legacy through this opportunity for students pursuing post-secondary education and encourage those planning to or currently attending to apply for the $1,000 scholarship before Sept. 30 at airdrielife.com

Special thanks to Airdrie artist Erin Brekke Conn for creating our cover – a celebration of our arts scene taking centre stage. Where it should be.

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