Editor’s Note

Sherry Shaw-Froggatt, Airdrie

Summer! Finally! I hope when you are reading this it is on a patio with your favourite ice-cold beverage.

We started working on this issue in -20 C weather and sent it off to the press on a bright sunny May day that was filled with promise.

It was a hectic time trying to squeeze everything we wanted into this issue because well, honestly, there is just so much to talk about these days as Airdrie grows. The list of interesting people, places, causes, events and celebrations seems endless.

I want to take a moment to thank the people who make it possible for us to tell all these stories: our advertisers. It costs a lot to produce a magazine of this quality and distribute it as extensively as we do. (Did you know we are in 100 racks in Calgary?) And we keep our racks around Airdrie restocked for a full 12 weeks each issue. We work with professional photographers, writers and designers and it shows. It’s a formula we don’t tinker with because the feedback we get is how proud people are to have airdrielife represent their community.

You’ll find this issue focused on guys. We always devote our summer issue to men we find interesting and inspiring. From guys who make career changes for work/life balance (who knew being a cobbler or owning your own food truck would be so rewarding) to teachers who make learning fun and cool, we are happy to share their stories on our pages.

Celebrating the good life in Airdrie is what we are all about and we have a great story celebrating the 50 years of the Airdrie Pro Rodeo (page 97). The hard work of so many community members is a testament to their love for the sport and Airdrie’s rural heritage.

Inside this issue you’ll also find our Eat Play Stay tourism guide, which includes your calendar to fun, some great suggestions for dinner out and even a map of bike paths. (Did you know we ship this guide all over southern Alberta for visitors, too?)

So make plans to enjoy and explore your city this summer with us. And join us online – we give away great reader prizes every week on social media, and you’ll find more interesting stories and photos at airdrielife.com.

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